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With our small private jet hire you gain an element of control and flexibility that commercial airlines simply cannot offer. Fly at a time which suits you and reduce your overall travelling time by selecting from a wider range of airports across the world. Some private jet models can take off from and land at smaller, local airports, getting you closer to your ultimate destination quickly and in opulent comfort.

Small Private Jet Hire

Small jet planes offer the luxury, privacy and space you need to travel quickly and comfortably, avoiding long check-in times and getting to your destination feeling relaxed and energised. With some flights including space for up to seven passengers and on-board staff to keep you refreshed, small private jet hire is one of the most prestigious ways to travel.

Light jet planes are an excellent choice for short to mid-range trips, with an average speed of around 400 knots and a range of up to 1,700-miles, allowing you to travel for around three hours without stopping. Small private jet charter is one of our most popular ways to fly for both business or pleasure, offering the high performance of a jet plane at a more affordable cost, making it ideal for travelling across the UK or around Europe.Like small prop planes, some of our smaller private jets have the ability to land on or take off from much smaller runways than commercial aeroplanes, making them the perfect choice for easily getting to a local airport. Small private jets are also faster than prop planes and have the added benefit of a prestigious interior, reducing your travel time whilst giving good value for money.

Personal Use and Leisure: Small Private Jet Hire for Groups of Up to Seven

Book a light private jet for air charter and you will have the freedom to travel anywhere in sumptuous luxury.

With a worldwide network of flight providers, our small private jet hire service allows you to travel within the UK or across the ocean on short to mid-range journeys. With a highly experienced pilot and optional cabin staff included, you can simply book your flight with us, arrive at the airport and fly to the destination of your choice, skipping the queues and waiting times you would experience when flying with a commercial airline.Whether you’re looking to charter a private jet for a family holiday, a luxury getaway with friends or solo travel, you will be free to relax in deluxe surroundings. Our fleet includes the most popular private plane models to charter from renowned manufacturers such as Cessna and Beechcraft, which often feature spacious and modern interiors, built in restrooms and sumptuously comfortable seating.
Optional cabin staff ensure you receive an attentive flight service, with assistants dedicated to the comfort and needs of you and your guests.

Some models have inbuilt hot and cold food areas as well as minibars, allowing you to experience a five-star service whilst enjoying total privacy.Spend the journey socialising with your guests, using high tech entertainment systems to watch a film or relax with a book, without being disturbed by other passengers. Light private jets offer ample storage and baggage space, allowing you to bring the essentials and still have enough space to fully stretch out in prestigious reclined seating.
With fold out tables, power outlets and slide-out headrests, small private jets offer first-class comfort and space whilst remaining an affordable private travel option.

Corporate Use: Small Private Jet Hire for Business Travel

Small private jet charter allows you the freedom and flexibility to travel for business quickly and efficiently. Saving time at the airport allows you to conveniently travel from one office to another and some small private jets can land on much shorter runways like prop planes, allowing you to travel to and from local airports to get as close as possible to your final destination in the quickest possible time.

Whether you’re a CEO looking to hire a small private jet for your own use or an Office Manager who needs to organise private travel for an executive team, the secluded space allows you to spend your travel time effectively, without disrupting your business.
Discuss strategy with your colleagues, rehearse your sales pitch or catch up on some work, making your travelling time a lot more productive than by flying with a commercial airline. You won’t have to worry about your plans being disrupted by delays and can have a private chauffeur waiting for you at your destination, if required.

Small private jet hire is available for one-way flights as well as returns and ongoing travel, so you have the flexibility needed to meet your business requirements.Although small jet planes have been built with limited internal and baggage space to remain as light as possible, every element has been carefully designed to make executive business travel easy.

Top models from Cessna and Embraer have been significantly improved over years of manufacture and the latest releases now include modern in-flight entertainment, adjustable seating and abundant baggage capacity. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that your pilot will have access to state-of-the-art controls and safety systems, helping to keep you safe while you travel.Depending on where you need to travel, chartering a private jet can save you hours of time and hassle.
Whether that means that you’ve bought yourself an extra day on a skiing holiday by eliminating the need to change or you can spend your working time more constructively in between meetings, there really are no negatives to private jet chartering. After going through private security, many airports will allow you to drive your own car right up to your jet, making the whole process more streamlined and comfortable.

Small private jet hire also allows you to make requests you simply couldn’t when flying with a commercial airline. For some this may mean allowing pets on board, for others it may mean setting an altitude limit for health reasons. No matter your needs and requirements to travel, we will take the stress out of your hands, delivering the best private jet hire experience possible.Our expert team have a worldwide network of aviation industry contacts, allowing us to provide small jet hire at any time. With models to suit any budget and cabins providing between three and seven seats, chartering a private jet couldn’t be easier.

Speak to our highly qualified team about your plans and requirements and book your next flight on a luxury private jet.