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Cessna 525 CitationJet

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Cessna CitationJet Specifications

Seats 5/6
Speed 447 mph
Range 1264 miles
Cabin Length 3.4 m
Cabin Height 1.40 m
Cabin Width 1.47 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The Cessna CitationJet is the first in its series, setting the standard in which many variants have followed. A light corporate jet with a range of around 1000 nautical miles, the Cessna CitationJet provides passengers with a comfortable and relaxing space to make journeys of under two hours. This small private jet can typically seat up to four people, making it the perfect choice for short corporate and personal trips with a small group. For many, this is most popular due to its time-saving capabilities, avoiding heavy traffic, and transporting you between city airports or small islands.

Once onboard, passengers will feel a familiar sense of luxury, similar to that of a much larger aircraft. The standard layout includes club two seating configurations to seat four, with each pair enjoying ample leg and head room. Discreetly built yet highly functional tables slide in between each couple, providing the perfect space to work, relax or enjoy a drink without ever compromising the overall aesthetic. You and your party may choose to spend the journey enjoying some downtime individually, holding a briefing before an important event or socialising with a cold beverage. To customise the interior further to suit your needs, each seat swivels for additional comfort or a more sociable layout.

Cessna Citation M2 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Excellent performance capabilities have been carefully paired with a luxurious interior for an unrivalled air travel experience. You and your party will find yourselves surrounded by the finest quality leather in a space that is modern but neutral, perfectly complimented with contrasting finishes and soft, supple carpet. Unwind with a hot coffee or a cold glass of orange juice and take in the splendid views, through eight large windows which ensure you travel in natural light. As well as a hot and cold drinks area, there is a fully equipped mini bar, allowing you to travel exactly as you wish, arriving refreshed.

Inside The Cessna CitationJet

Cessna Citation M2 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

An external baggage capacity of 42 cubic feet provides ample space for light luggage. Whether you need to travel with holdalls for a luxury weekend away or essentials for a business trip, the Cessna CitationJet is more than capable, providing a travel experience which is comparable to a first-class taxi service, yet with a highly luxurious interior and reduced travelling time. For corporate clients or those who need to transport goods for their own clients, this light private jet can be a much more cost-effective way to travel, ensuring you can travel quickly and securely.

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The Cessna CitationJet is available to charter between airports in the UK and for short distances across the world. Whether you need to quickly travel between important events or want to hop between islands, this light private jet is an ideal choice. To hire a Cessna CitationJet, you may use our quick and easy online booking form, providing our team with the full details of your desired flight. We are also on hand should you need to discuss anything further, striving to provide our clients with the best luxury air travel service in the world.