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Cessna Citation CJ3

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Cessna 525 Citation CJ3 Specifications

Seats 7
Speed 479 mph
Range 1760 miles
Cabin Length 4.77 m
Cabin Height 1.45 m
Cabin Width 1.47 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Spacious and airy, yet a fully equipped aircraft built from high quality materials, the Cessna 525 Citation CJ3 offers luxury without compromise. This small private jet is the third in the CJ series, offering greater speed and range when compared to its predecessors. A range of 1488 nautical miles allows private jet travellers to charter a private plane from London to Moscow or anywhere across Europe. Up to six passengers can be comfortably seated in this luxury environment, making the Cessna 525 Citation CJ3 an ideal small private jet to charter for business or personal travel.

An innovative blend of the natural glow from the 14 large windows is combined with new LED lighting to enhance the cabin area, making it feel even more spacious. Once onboard, you and your guests will find supreme leather seating, typically set out in club two formations with extra individual seats. Leg room and personal space is at a premium and beautifully designed folding tables have been discreetly built, providing you with an area to comfortably work or dine. For business travellers, there are many power outlets allowing you to charge and use personal electronic devices for the duration of your trip.

Cessna Citation CJ3 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

This versatile executive private jet allows you to utilise your space in many ways, enjoying a journey which fulfils your needs best. Whether you need to brief your team, add some finishing touches to a presentation or simply unwind before a big event, the Cessna 525 Citation CJ3 can become an office or home from home. Private jet hire passengers travelling with family, friends or pets will also find great comfort in the space with the room to bring aboard virtually anything you wish. Keep young children or nervous pets relaxed with home comforts and keep belongings close to hand with easy access storage.

Inside The Cessna 525 Citation CJ3

Cessna Citation CJ3 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

The Cessna 525 Citation CJ3 has 74 cubic feet of storage space, made up of a combination of internal and external areas, providing an abundance of room for the belongings of each passenger. Whether you need to access something whilst onboard or require refreshments, your personal flight crew will be available to cater to the needs of you and your party. Enjoy fresh fruit juices or hot coffee as you travel, arriving at your destination feeling hydrated and energised, ready for the day ahead. This small private jet also has a private restroom for additional passenger comfort.

Improved range meets luxury interior design in the Cessna 525 Citation CJ3, available to comfortably carry a small group between thousands of airports across the world.

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To charter a Cessna 525 Citation CJ3, you may use our simple online booking form, conveniently providing us with the details of your trip. Our expert team can use our network of flight operators to source your chosen aircraft or provide further information and recommendations based on your individual circumstances. A bespoke flight schedule will then be agreed and created around you, always ensuring we provide you with a five-star service from start to finish.