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With regional airliner hire you gain an element of control and flexibility that commercial airlines simply cannot offer. Fly at a time which suits you and reduce your overall travelling time by selecting from a wider range of airports across the world. Some private jet models can take off from and land at smaller, local airports, getting you closer to your ultimate destination quickly and in opulent comfort.

Regional Airliner Hire

Regional airliner hire offers one of the most cost-effective ways to travel privately. Seating between 15 and 150 passengers, chartering a private regional airliner can result in a price per passenger which is similar to that of a commercial flight with all the added benefits of private travel.

With interiors ranging from the spacious and simplistic to the ultra-luxurious, private regional airliner hire is the perfect choice for corporate use or personal flights for large groups.

Regional airliners vary widely in terms of capability, but top speeds can go up to around 500 knots and you can fly continuously for more than 2,000 miles, making these private jet models the perfect choice for short to mid-range private flights. Ample space for passengers and luggage make regional airliners ideal for sports teams, wedding parties and press teams travelling around the UK or across Europe, allowing you and your passengers to enjoy socialising or some downtime in complete privacy.

Regional airliner hire is available 24/7, allowing you to fly on your own schedule. Whether you need to fly at a certain time to make an important meeting or want to buy yourself an extra day on holiday abroad, private plane hire offers you the flexibility and freedom of luxury travel to suit you. Each private aircraft is flown by a highly experienced pilot, giving you added peace of mind whilst in the air.

Personal Use and Leisure: Regional Airliner Hire for Large Groups of Up to 150 Passengers

Regional airliner hire is the perfect private travel option for large groups. Whether you would like to book a large private jet for a wedding party or you’re travelling with a mid to large group of friends or family, regional airliners offer the space and privacy you need to fully enjoy your flight. You have your group together and eliminate the need to reserve seats as you can experience your own completely private cabin space for the duration of your journey.

With aircraft including top models from manufacturers such as Shorts and Fokker, you can select the ideal private regional airliner to meet your needs and your budget.Book a private regional airliner and you can save hours of waiting time whilst on the ground.

Instead of wasting time at security and check-in, you can go through a private and streamlined process which will have you taking to the skies quickly and easily with chauffeured transport to take you directly onto the runway. If saving time is one of your main reasons for private jet hire, chartering a regional airliner will also mean that you won’t have to worry about unexpected delays or catching a connecting flight.

Regional airliner interiors are varied, giving you the choice to select from the maximum number of seats or a more sophisticated and spacious layout. Beautiful materials have been lovingly crafted to create an environment which is relaxing and comfortable, whilst some regional airliners feature luxury set-ups which include swivelling and reclining seating, tables and club 4 seating configurations.

The private space allows you to socialise with friends or keep children entertained without the need to worry about other passengers.Once onboard, you and your guests can relax whilst being served by your included cabin crew, who will have everything they need to provide hot and cold food as well as beverages to keep you refreshed.

Sit back and relax with a cocktail in reclining chairs or enjoy a high-quality meal whilst in the air, leaving you more time when you arrive at your destination. Luggage capacity and practicality is also at a premium, allowing you and your fellow passengers enough room to bring baggage, equipment and essentials.

Corporate Use: Regional Airliner Hire for Business Travel

Regional airliner hire offers one of the most practical and spacious ways to fly, making it perfect for transporting corporate and sports teams for conferences and events.

Whether you are looking to book a regional airliner to fly celebrities, professional sports teams or VIPs on either a short or mid-length journey, you can ensure all passengers will benefit from privacy and discretion. Feel free to use the time to discuss strategy, catch up on work or hold briefings without worrying about who will overhear, or simply enjoy some downtime in luxurious surroundings.

Book an overnight flight and you can also have the opportunity to sleep in peace, with some models including reclining seats and quiet engines. Your included cabin crew will be on hand to provide hot or cold meals and drinks, keeping you refreshed and allowing you to use your travel time effectively.

Chartering a regional airliner for corporate use can be a brilliant way to keep business running as normal, with as little disruption as possible from the travelling time. Saving hours of waiting on the ground and eliminating the worry about delays, you will be free to quickly board your plane and get comfortable, before spending the journey however you wish.

All models feature spacious cabins with lots of room for luggage and belongings, saving you further waiting time once you land at your destination.

With modern and luxurious interiors, some models include the latest technology to allow you to work on the go whilst others favour relaxation, creating decadent environments where you can experience the ultimate comfort. Select the private regional airliner with the configuration and layout which best suits the needs for your business trip and ensure your team have a first-class travel experience.

We have a worldwide network of flight operators and access to thousands of private planes across the globe. Whether you’re looking to hire a regional airliner in the UK for a private group or need to transport a professional sports team anywhere in the world, we can source the perfect aircraft for you.

Our highly experienced team are on hand should you need to discuss your requirements and will take the stress out of your hands, allowing you to simply book, arrive at the airport and fly wherever you need to in ultimate luxury.