About Starr Luxury Jets


Starr Luxury Jets proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service which makes your experience stress-free.

Why Hire a Private Jet with Starr Luxury Jets

Private jet hire isn’t just highly luxurious, it is quick and convenient, allowing you to simply book your flight, arrive at the airport and fly. Not only will you potentially save hours of waiting time on the ground by going through a streamlined security and check-in process, you won’t have to worry about delays or making a connecting flight on time.

You also have the added benefit of organising flights to suit your own schedule, flying at whatever time and between whichever airports are best for you without needing to work around commercial timetables.

Booking your private jet through Starr Luxury Jets doesn’t just mean you can benefit from our extensive network of contacts; it also adds a personal touch which allows you to make specific requests with ease. We understand that clients sometimes have detailed requirements that a commercial airline could not cater for, be that any addition from reassuring a nervous flyer, keeping at a certain altitude for health reasons or allowing a pet onboard. With private jet hire, we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that all needs are catered for and will always go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the best luxury private jet hire experience possible.

Premium, High Class Jets Fleet


Luxury transport is our passion and providing our clients with first-class travel options has always been our main drive. Starr Luxury Jets gives you access to thousands of aeroplanes available for private jet hire, anywhere around the world.
You can select from the finest private jets ever made, including popular models from Cessna, Airbus and Boeing, with choices ranging from the simplistic to the highly luxurious. Whatever your reason for seeking private jet hire, we have top models which prioritise space, range or comfort, allowing you to choose the perfect jet to meet your needs.

The ultimate in luxury travel, private jet hire allows you to remain in sumptuous comfort wherever you fly. Whether you need a regular private flight taking you across the UK or single hire for a trip to the other side of the world, we have the perfect plane available for you.
Starting out with prestige car rental, we now have the biggest fleet of luxury hire cars in the UK with over 5,000 satisfied clients. Here, we established incredibly high standards in terms of our service and the quality of our vehicles, always improving on what we offer to ensure our clients have a five-star car hire experience.

Now, by securing a worldwide network of flight operators and industry contacts, we can proudly extend those values to offer the same unrivalled quality of first-class transport hire across the globe.

What You Can Expect from Your Private Jet Hire Service

As Starr is an ever-growing brand which has become synonymous with luxury, we can also cover your transport back on the ground. Starr Luxury Cars has a wide range of prestige hire cars, including models from Bentley, Rolls Royce and Mercedes, which can be available for private airport transfers.
One of our highly experience chauffeurs can collect you from any address in the UK in the luxury car of your choice and drive you directly to your chosen airport, which allows you to remain in a five-star setting from the moment you leave. Book your private jet with Starr and you can cover all your luxury travel needs in one place.

Once up in the air, we guarantee that you will be kept comfortable and relaxed, benefiting from opulent surroundings and an attentive service. In most circumstances, your private jet will include a highly qualified pilot and a dedicated onboard flight crew, who will look after the needs of you and your guests. Many of our private jet models also include the space and facilities to prepare hot and cold food, allowing you to enjoy high quality meals and refreshments whilst you fly.

Luxury Interiors as Standard

Interiors range from the simple to the truly outlandish and everything in between. You can choose to hire a traditional commercial airliner privately if your priority is to fly a large number of people, or indulge on a custom-built luxury private jet, if you are looking for the best luxury experience.

Many private jets feature spacious interiors, complete with luxury leathers and carpet, modern technology and specially designed furniture, allowing you to make the most of your space whilst remaining in decadence. Some of the rarer models we have for private jet hire even include multi-room layouts, allowing you to take a bath, get some rest or even attend conferences whilst up in the air.

Browse the many private jets we have available for hire and select the ideal model, dates and destination for you, receiving a quote online quickly and easily. For more advanced requirements, our expert team are on stand-by to help with any queries or specific needs you may have and can make recommendations tailored to suit you.
We will handle the booking process for you, allowing you to simply arrive at your chosen airport and fly, experiencing an incredible journey of ultimate luxury.