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Cessna Citation 1

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Cessna Citation I Specifications

Seats 5/6
Speed 400 mph
Range 1889 miles
Cabin Length 3.87 m
Cabin Height 1.33 m
Cabin Width 1.49 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The stunning Cessna Citation I is one of the most popular small private jets to hire for short journeys. Favoured by corporate clients for its reliability and cost-efficiency alongside its ability to save waiting time and provide discreet travel, the Cessna Citation I is ideal for regular flights across the UK or short European trips and can also be chartered from thousands of airports around the world. The luxury small private jet has a maximum range of 1000 nautical miles and can comfortably seat up to six passengers, ensuring a smooth and pleasant flight in opulent surroundings.

The fact that the Cessna Citation I is a small private jet with a shorter range doesn’t make it any less luxurious. The beautiful interior is modern and minimal, infusing soft, neutral colours with high quality materials for an environment which is tranquil and serene. Functionality is also at a premium with stunning wooden tables which can be folded out to provide an excellent space to work or enjoy a beverage with the rest of your party. No detail has been overlooked and everywhere you look you will be able to fully appreciate the true craftsmanship that has gone into the build.

Cessna Citation CJ2 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

The standard layout includes club two seating alongside individual seats, upholstered in the finest quality leather. Soft carpet coats the floor of the cabin whilst contrasting trim and detailing completes the overall aesthetic. To amend the setting to suit the requirements of your group, each chair swivels and tracks allowing you to enjoy downtime, socialise or provide a full team briefing as you require. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, the Cessna Citation I includes an area to prepare hot and cold beverages, as well as a fully equipped mini bar, allowing you to enjoy a glass of champagne or a dram of whiskey.

Inside The Cessna Citation I

Cessna Citation CJ2 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Considering the overall size of this small private jet, the Cessna Citation I also includes ample external storage. 58 cubic feet of space allows plenty of room for the luggage and belongings of each passenger. Whether you need to transport large cases, personal electronic devices or sensitive documentation, this luxury private jet can accommodate all. Once onboard, both corporate and personal private jet travellers can benefit from five-star service and total discretion allowing you to spend your journey exactly as you wish, enjoying a space which is as ideal for executives as it is for young families.

With a shorter range, the Cessna Citation I can provide a highly cost-effective way to travel in sheer luxury.

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To charter a Cessna Citation I you may make use of our online booking form which allows you to provide us with all the details necessary to create a bespoke flight schedule before providing you with a full quote for your approval. With a global network of flight operators and industry contacts no request is too big or small and it is our aim to ensure each client enjoys the private jet flight that they deserve.