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With small prop aircraft hire you gain an element of control and flexibility that commercial airlines simply cannot offer. Fly at a time which suits you and reduce your overall travelling time by selecting from a wider range of airports across the world. Some private jet models can take off from and land at smaller, local airports, getting you closer to your ultimate destination quickly and in opulent comfort.

Small Prop Aircraft Hire (Propeller planes) are the smallest and most cost-effective choice of aircraft available for private jet hire. Ideal for short trips, small prop planes have the benefit of being able to take off from and land on small airfields and rural areas that a larger plane cannot. Small prop planes are perfect if you’re looking for private jet charter for a small group of passengers, sightseeing, corporate use or marketing campaigns, often with the lowest cost.

These aircrafts usually have a flying range of between 500 and 1,500 miles and can be flown for up to three hours without the need to land, making them ideal for short trips and reaching remote areas.With a top speed of around 300 knots, you can reach your destination quickly and safely, whilst covering a vast area. Interiors range from the simple to the luxurious with some models providing ample cabin space for up to 12 passengers as well as baggage.

Our fleet of small prop aircraft available for hire include top models from manufacturers such as Cessna, Beechcraft and Diamond, each offering the freedom to fly without limits.

Passenger Operations: Small Prop Aircraft Hire for Groups of Up To 12

Book a private small prop aeroplane to take a short-haul flight to any destination worldwide and save time both on the ground and in the air. With the ability to be flown for up to three hours before the need to refuel, these private planes are brilliant for groups of up to 12 to travel across the UK or reach more remote areas around the world.

Small prop planes have brilliant STOL (short take-off or landing) capabilities which allow you to travel to smaller airfields you usually would not be able to reach in a larger plane, giving you the freedom to travel anywhere with ease. Whether you’re looking to charter a private jet for a family trip, luxury getaway with friends or business use, a small prop plane is an excellent choice.

With a highly qualified pilot flying you and your group to the destination of your choice, you’ll be free to relax and unwind in your luxury surroundings, enjoying some privacy and taking in stunning sights.

Small prop aircraft hire is perfect for getting you as close to your final destination as possible, reducing travelling length and leaving you with more time in your chosen area, be that for business or pleasure.

Sightseeing: Small Prop Aircraft Charter for Short Tours

Propeller planes aren’t just great for getting a small group around quickly and efficiently, they also provide a highly unique way to tour a region. Reaching a much lower altitude than regular jet planes, you can get a fantastic birds eye view of the land below you, allowing you to enjoy scenery that you could not see in any other way.Treat a loved one to a unique experience and sour across the British countryside, taking in spectacular views as your private pilot gets you around safely and smoothly, or organise a UK flying experience for a larger group, impressing clients or a group of friends with an exclusive way to see the sights.

Our small prop aircrafts are available to hire by the hour, allowing you the freedom to control every element of your scenic flight. And with popular Piper aircraft models to fuel efficient Money models, you can select the aeroplane with the space and features that you need to make for an exciting trip.

Corporate Use: Small Prop Aircraft Hire for Business Travel

We understand that, for our corporate clients especially, time is precious. Whether you need to travel between offices at opposite ends of the UK or get to a big meeting across the water, small prop aircraft charter can get you there quickly and safely.

Increased drag helps to dramatically reduce speed in a propeller plane, meaning that the amount of space needed to land is very minimal. Hire a small prop plane and we can safely get you as close to your destination as possible with the ability to use smaller, local airports, ensuring you arrive on time and leave feeling relaxed and in control when you land.Small prop aircraft hire allows you to fly business partners or teams more cost efficiently.

Saving time on the ground with a streamlined check-in process, passengers can board quickly and easily, allowing greater time for productivity. If you or your team need to take a short-haul flight for business, these brilliant little planes work as an air taxi, whilst providing you the perfect place to discuss business matters privately.Book a small prop plane and you can also ensure you meet deadlines on time, quickly transporting cargo across Europe and the UK.

Whether you need to get an important piece of machinery to a warehouse or deliver sensitive paperwork to a sister office, private jet hire can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to send cargo.

Marketing Campaigns: Small Prop Aircraft Charter to Raise Brand Awareness

Aerial advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing, which can work well when targeting a large group. With the ability to fly low in the sky safely and slowly, small prop planes can be hired to tow banners and LED based signs, effectively increasing brand awareness whilst remaining a more affordable choice.

When strategically located, aerial advertising can be used to target consumers where more modern techniques would not be possible, which can then lead on to increased engagement via social media.Our expert team are on hand to discuss any requirements or queries you have before organising your small prop aircraft hire.

Whether you just need a one-way flight or an ongoing air taxi service, we can work directly with operators to ensure your needs are met and you can fly in the model of your choice.

Simply book a small prop aircraft, arrive at the airport and fly, getting to your destination quickly and safely or touring the skies with ease.