comfort, luxury and runway performance.
Cessna Citation II

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Cessna 550 Citation II Specifications

Seats 7/8
Speed 408 mph
Range 1749 miles
Cabin Length 4.88 m
Cabin Height 1.46 m
Cabin Width 1.49 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The second of the original Citation models, the Cessna 550 Citation II boasts enhanced performance and an updated interior which keeps guests comfortable and relaxed on short to medium flights. With a maximum range of 1739 nautical miles, this small private jet is an excellent choice for private jet hire across Europe and can also reach smaller airports worldwide. Between five and seven passengers can be accommodated onboard, allowing for executive travel for small groups of family, friends, and business clients. The compact space has been utilised very well, allowing passengers to fly privately whilst remaining cost-effective.

As you step onboard, prepare to be surrounded by a beautifully maintained luxury environment. 12 large windows bathe the cabin in natural light, the perfect way to highlight a soft, neutral design. A tasteful colour palette has been executed to the highest standard, using high quality materials to create a cabin space that remains tranquil and serene yet highly versatile. Guests can take their places in luxury leather seating, with the standard layout usually including club two seating configurations along with individual seats, each offering exceptional comfort for the full length of your journey.

Cessna Citation II Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Enjoy the views over land and sea as you unwind with a hot or cold beverage, provided by your exclusive flight crew. A fully equipped mini bar also allows you to enjoy a glass of champagne or a whiskey, giving you the freedom to enjoy your journey exactly as you wish. Wooden tables can be folded out to provide the ideal area to work or relax, allowing you to remain as productive as you want. Whether you are looking to hire a small private jet for a business trip or personal travel, the Cessna 550 Citation II provides the perfect space. With the ability to reach smaller airports quickly and conveniently whilst ensuring you and your party are kept in superior comfort, the Cessna C550 Citation II is an excellent choice for short to mid-range flights.

Inside The Cessna 550 Citation II

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Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

As well as an impressive interior, this small private jet also boasts 47 cubic feet of external storage, providing plenty of space for your party to store any belongings. Not only is it ideal for luxury vacations and corporate travel, the Cessna 550 Citation II offers a safe and secure environment to transport a personal art collection, models and sculptures or anything else that you may require. Pets can also be accommodated for onboard, ensuring heightened comfort and minimising stress by allowing them to stay with you in the cabin, a truly luxurious mode of transport for the discerning traveller.

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