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Syberjet SJ30

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Syberjet SJ30 Specifications

Seats 5/6
Speed 559 mph
Range 2876 miles
Cabin Length 3.80 m
Cabin Height 1.31 m
Cabin Width 1.44 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

High performance is the key feature of the Syberjet SJ30. As one of the fastest and longest-range light private jets in the world, passengers can benefit from the perks usually associated with larger jets yet on a much more cost-effective basis. A maximum range of 2500 nautical miles allows passengers to fly privately from coast to coast in the United States or make transcontinental trips across the globe. But by no means does this mean that the interior or passenger experience has been compromised, this small private jet can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers, providing a fast luxury air travel service for corporate clients and families.

No detail has been overlooked in the Syberjet SJ30’s impressive cabin space. Passengers can expect to relax in beautiful surroundings with designs including the classic soft, warm colours or sleek, modern looks, completed with high quality materials such as luxury leather and carbon fibre. The standard layout includes a combination of individual seats accompanied by a double couch space, providing a cosy and comfortable area to relax on a longer journey. Control the temperature and lighting from the comfort of your seat, adjusting to create an environment which fully suits your preferences.

Syberjet SJ30 private jet hire

Comfort & Size

Every element of the latest release has been designed to resemble a high-performance sports car. From the carbon fibre finishing to contrasting stitching, the design perfectly demonstrates that this plane was built for speed. Another factor which contributes towards its impressive statistics is that the Syberjet SJ30 is able to avoid most other air traffic by flying at an altitude of up to 49,000 feet. This enables private jet travellers to take more direct routes between thousands of airports worldwide and provides further flexibility and freedom over your custom flight schedule. For those who seek to charter regular private jet travel for business or leisure, the Sybjerjet SJ30 is an excellent choice. With speed and range coming before everything else, this is the perfect small private jet to hire for frequent long-distance trips, ensuring you remain in sheer comfort throughout.

Inside The Syberjet SJ30

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Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Despite its small size, this very light private jet still boasts a luggage capacity of 53 cubic feet, allowing each passenger to travel with cases and belongings. Further storage space features onboard, allowing easy access to the essentials such as personal electronic devices. For further comfort on a longer trip, the Syberjet SJ30 also includes a lavatory, allowing you to make full use of the maximum range capability if you wish. Allowing for private jet hire from London to Canada, this model is truly unique to the light private jet category.

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To charter a Syberjet SJ30, you may use our easy online booking form, providing our expert team with all the details of your desired flight. Quickly working with our network of flight operators and industry contacts, we can then accommodate, providing a flight schedule and quote for your approval. With an exceptionally high standard of service, you may hire the Syberjet SJ30 to fly between thousands of airports across the globe, experiencing a first-class travel experience.