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With long range jet hire you gain an element of control and flexibility that commercial airlines simply cannot offer. Fly at a time which suits you and reduce your overall travelling time by selecting from a wider range of airports across the world. Some private jet models can take off from and land at smaller, local airports, getting you closer to your ultimate destination quickly and in opulent comfort.

Long Range Private Jet Hire

Long range private jet hire offers one of the most luxurious modes of transport, with models having the perfect blend of looks, comfort, practicality and capability. With the ability to fly continuously for over 5,000 miles and a top speed of over 450 knots, hire a long-range private jet and you will have the freedom to travel almost anywhere in utter content.

Our long range private jets have the space to seat large groups of between 8 and 58 passengers, making them the ultimate choice for families, groups of friends, professional sports teams or businesspeople.

Interiors range from the simplistic, with rows of comfortable seating, to the supreme with luxury lounge layouts, modern entertainment systems and private bars, which allow you to socialise and unwind along the way.

Whether you’re looking to charter a long range private jet to improve your business operations, discreetly travel on vacation with family or enjoy total privacy with friends, these models have everything you need for an enjoyable trip.

Our worldwide network of flight operators allows you to experience the luxury of a Boeing Business Jet or make use of an efficient model from top manufacturers such as Dassault or Fairchild Dornier without the hassle of organisation.

Personal Use and Leisure: Long Range Private Jet Hire for Groups of Up to 58

One of the biggest benefits of chartering a long range private jet is the time saved on the ground. By using a streamlined security and check-in process, you can shave off hours of waiting time, allowing you to begin your journey quickly and easily.

Get dropped off directly on to the runway and make yourselves comfortable in opulent surroundings without the worry of delays or trying to catch a connecting flight.

Where and at what time you fly is entirely up to you so you can arrive in time for a scheduled activity or travel at a time that best suits the needs of a young family.With elegant and modern interiors, long range private jet hire offers the perfect space to unwind. If you’re looking to charter a private jet for a long-distance flight, some models include fully reclining seats which can effectively be converted into beds, the perfect space to take a nap.

Luxury materials have been lovingly put together whilst ambient lighting helps to create the ideal atmosphere. These jets also include space for your included cabin crew to prepare hot and cold food and beverages, so you and your group can enjoy five-star meals and refreshments in supreme luxury. Baggage space is at a premium with enough room for carry-on bags, hold luggage and skis.

Cabin space layouts include lounges with deluxe corner sofa configurations, bars and widescreen TVs perfect for socialising with a group of friends or keeping children entertained on a long-haul flight. Sit back and watch a film or enjoy a cocktail with your fellow passengers, transforming your travelling time from a chore into an enjoyable part of your trip.

Whether you’re travelling across the globe for a celebration or looking at long range jet charter for a large family trip, a private jet allows you to create the ideal environment.

Corporate Use: Long Range Private Jet Hire for Business

Whether you need to fly a large team or travel directly to a distant destination without trying to work around commercial schedules, long range private jet hire makes corporate travel easy and enjoyable.

Many long range jet models have been converted and rebuilt for world-class business travel, offering the benefits of quieter engines and shorter runway capabilities.

With many long range private jets, you can land in or take off from smaller, local airports to get you as close to your destination as possible without the need to change.

Long range private jet hire offers a convenient way to improve your business operations, allowing you to travel quickly between meetings and offices on your own schedule. Skip the queues and waiting times on the ground via a quicker, quieter check-in and security process and spend your flight time constructively, working or enjoying some downtime with your team.

With the privacy of having the whole aeroplane to yourselves, you needn’t worry about discussing business or disclosing sensitive information, and state of the art technology allows you to continue your operations as you would in the office.Whether you need to book a domestic flight or travel internationally, long range private jets have been custom-made or heavily customised to put comfort above anything else.

Spacious interiors include rowed seats or club 4 configurations, so you can select the best model to suit your preferences. Fully recline in luxury leather beneath ambient lighting and continue to work, making use of the latest technologies, or enjoy a five-star service with meals and refreshments provided by your included cabin crew team.Book a long range private jet for an overnight flight and spend your time productively, with fully reclining seating that can convert into beds for a good night’s sleep.

Rejuvenate overnight and wake in time for arrival, allowing you to spend more of your waking time effectively. The extra space of a long range private jet allows for plenty of room for luggage and belongings, whilst saving the waiting time once you land.

Whether you and your team need to bring carry-on bags, hold luggage or equipment, we have the best luxury private jet to meet your needs.

Our fleet of long range private jets are available to charter from popular UK airports and across the globe.

Speak to our expert team for further information on any of our models or advice on the best private plane to suit your travel needs. We will work with you to create a bespoke schedule, allowing you to book, arrive at the airport and fly, letting you spend your time wisely.

Whether you’re looking to spend your journey socialising, relaxing or working, long range private jet hire is the best way to fly, offering increased speed and range, VIP comfort and luxurious surroundings.