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Honda Ha-420 HondaJet

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Honda Ha-420 HondaJet Specifications

Seats 5/6
Speed 485 mph
Range 1407 miles
Cabin Length 5.43 m
Cabin Height 1.47 m
Cabin Width 1.52 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

As the first aircraft developed by the automobile company, the Honda Ha-420 Honda Jet offers luxury and convenience for your next trip. Available to charter here at Starr Luxury Jets today, it has been designed using the knowledge of comfort that this brand has become synonymous with. As a light jet aircraft, this model is ideal for smaller parties of up to 4 passengers. Families travelling for the weekend, working teams visiting international offices or simply you and your loved one making memories that will last a lifetime. However you choose to travel, do so in comfort and with the undeniable convenience that private travel has to offer.

To increase the internal cabin space, Honda has moved the engine to sit over the wings. This expands the capacity, providing additional leg room to every single passenger. This, paired with luxurious leather club-style seats allow you to customise the experience to suit your comfort needs. Slide, recline and setting back into an envelope of comfort that supports your body and allows you to arrive refreshed at the end location. Throughout the cabin, you’ll discover bespoke cup holders and fold-down tables. Small features such as these improve usability – finish writing your budget proposal, enjoy drinks as you soar and ensure the space around you meets every need perfectly.

Honda Ha-420 HondaJet private jet hire

Comfort & Size

To amplify the space around you, this aircraft features large windows throughout that draw in as much natural light as possible. Pairing with this, power window shades give you the freedom to customise this experience. Pull down for evenings where calm is needed or roll up to keep members in your party alert during in-flight meetings. For added convenience, you’ll discover several internal storage compartments that allow you to keep essentials organised but at hand. And this pairs with 66 cubic feet of baggage capacity – enough to accommodate large suitcases, sporting equipment or electronics that are vital on your journey.

Inside The Honda Ha-420 HondaJet

Honda Ha-420 HondaJet private jet hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

This light aircraft is powered by two custom GE Honda HF120 engines. By using a unique and ultra-compact Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) system, this choice helps to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.  When seated inside, you’ll benefit from a smooth and comfortable ride that bypasses the discomfort of turbulence and allows you to fully appreciate the space around you. The jet is capable of 1611nm range and top cruise speeds of 483mph. Reach your destinations quicker and bypass traditional hindrances of commercial travel including extended flight times, over packed planes rigid timetables.

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