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cessna 560 Citation V

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Cessna 560 Citation V Specifications

Seats 7/8
Speed 456 mph
Range 1891 miles
Cabin Length 5.39 m
Cabin Height 1.46 m
Cabin Width 1.47 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Boasting a longer range and the comfort of a mid-size jet yet the affordability of a small private jet, the Cessna 560 Citation V is an excellent choice for private travellers who favour the finer things in life. Up to seven passengers can be comfortably seated onboard, benefitting from the discretion and luxury that private jet hire has to offer. A range of 1920 nautical miles makes the Cessna 560 Citation V an ideal small private jet to charter from London to Moscow, across Europe and beyond, available to make journeys from thousands of airports across the world.

This is one of the fastest, most spacious small private jets for hire on the market today, enabling you to make your journey quickly and efficiently whilst flying to your own bespoke schedule. Also boasting the longest length of a small private jet at 17 feet, once onboard passengers can experience ample personal space for a comfortable, relaxing trip. The interior usually features club two seating configurations with additional individual seats, each offering a sumptuous space to fully unwind. The light luxury leathers are complimented by deeper coloured trims and wooden veneer panelling, completing a clean and classic look which is not overpowering.

Cessna Citation Ultra Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

The space has been purposefully kept minimal yet inviting, offering a versatile area which can effortlessly accommodate corporate travel or personal trips. Each seat can be swivelled to configure a seating area which best meets your needs, be that to suit a productive business trip or a vacation with a young family. Enjoy some downtime whilst taking in beautiful views of the world below through 14 large windows, use the practical folding tables to complete some work or simply while away the hours socialising with your fellow guests. Whatever your need for private jet hire, the Cessna 560 Citation V can adapt.

Inside The Cessna 560 Citation V

Cessna Citation Ultra Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Just as the cabin space is at a premium, this small private jet also has a spacious external luggage area. 67 cubic feet provides ample room for the baggage and personal belongings of each passenger whilst an internal closet space allows your party to store further belongings with additional easy access. Whether you need to use personal electronic devices whilst onboard, require feeding equipment and essentials for a baby or need to transport a rare collection for a prospective buyer, your options are limitless with the Cessna 560 Citation V, one of the best small private jets available for hire.

Speed and space are the greatest achievements of the Cessna 560 Citation V, providing VIPs with an efficient and discreet service at a highly affordable price.

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To charter a Cessna 560 Citation V, you may make use of our simple online booking form, providing our team with all the details needed to create the perfect bespoke flight schedule to suit. With a worldwide network of flight operators and the opportunity to fly you between thousands of airports across the globe, we always strive to provide our clients with unbeatable service and an exceptional private jet hire experience every time.