updated version of the original Citation V
Cessna Citation Ultra

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Cessna Citation Ultra Specifications

Seats 7/8
Speed 498 mph
Range 2255 miles
Cabin Length 5.27 m
Cabin Height 1.46 m
Cabin Width 1.47 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

An upgraded version of the Citation V, the newer Cessna Citation Ultra boasts improved range capabilities and optimised fuel efficiency, becoming a more cost-effective and sustainable option in the small private jet market. A top range of 1960 nautical miles allows private jet travellers to fly from Dubai to Russia or across Europe in a single trip, remaining in sumptuous comfort throughout. Accommodating between six to eight passengers in supreme surroundings, the Cessna Citation Ultra provides one of the best private travel options for corporate and personal clients looking to take single or regular short to mid-range journeys.

This luxury small private jet boasts the usual high standard of Cessna design. Luxurious materials have been carefully crafted to create a space which is minimal yet highly elegant, easily adaptable to suit executives as well as small families. The standard layout includes club two seating configurations combined with additional individual seats for an open space, ideal for relaxation but also perfect to continue working. The finest quality leathers have been used to upholster the seats and head rests, with each one swivelling and tracking to create an area which best suits your party. Whether you plan to sit back and soak up the views or use the time to brief a team, the Cessna Citation Ultra effortlessly accommodates.

Cessna Citation Ultra Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Personal space is at a premium, with the Cessna Citation Ultra boasting a larger cabin than its predecessors. Passengers will benefit from ample head and leg room from the comfort of their seats whilst a dropped aisle allows freedom of movement should you need to visit the inbuilt private restroom. For added practicality, sliding tables can be utilised at each seat, discreetly folding away again to reveal more space if you wish, giving you the opportunity to work or relax with ease. Burning less fuel whilst travelling a greater distance, the Cessna Citation Ultra gives passengers the option to hire a small private jet whilst being more environmentally friendly.

Inside The Cessna Citation Ultra

Cessna Citation Ultra Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

An external baggage space of 67 cubic feet provides plenty of room for the luggage and belongings of each passenger to be safely stowed away. Accommodating large cases, golf bags and vintage trunks, the Cessna Citation Ultra allows passengers to travel exactly as they wish, with almost no restrictions on the amount you can bring with you. Meanwhile onboard, families or individuals can travel with a beloved pet, reducing any travel stress by carrying on home comforts. Clients with young families can also be catered for, ensuring you have a comfortable trip with access to anything you need.

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