Private Jet Charter Aircraft

Explore our Private Jet Models Available for Hire

Starr Luxury Jets offers clients the most luxurious way to travel both locally and across the globe. Whether you are searching for private jet business flights or you wish to book a private plane for a short transfer to a remote location, Starr Luxury Jets has a worldwide network of flight operators and private jet models for you to select from. Our private jet charter aircraft range from small prop planes, perfect for short distance travel to large airliners, which can safely transport hundreds of passengers to the other side of the world, each flight providing our clients with a VIP service and a quick, convenient means of travel.

Small Props

Small prop aircraft offer individuals, couples, and small groups an ideal way to travel a short distance by air. With an average flight duration of around three hours and the ability to comfortably seat up to a dozen passengers, these private jet hire models provide an intimate and secure space for you and your guests to unwind en route. Our propeller planes can fly in between regional airports and have the unique ability to reach remote destinations with smaller runways, giving you the freedom to travel anywhere in total opulence.

Although these are the smallest private jets available for hire, our small prop planes are not short on luxury. Interiors include fine quality leather upholstery and modern styling, with individual tables and a selection of seating options, providing the perfect space to work or relax as you fly.

Small Jets

Small private jet hire allows you the freedom to travel almost anywhere in the world, whilst benefitting from an exclusive space for you and your guests to enjoy. Carefully designed cabin spaces have been created to offer you a spacious and luxurious area, where you can relax in supremely comfortable upholstery with ample space to work or relax. Our small private jets often include an additional area for hot and cold food and beverage preparation, allowing for five-star catering of your choice to be provided to you and your guests.

With a range of around 1700 miles and the ability to fly further and faster than prop planes, small jets are the ideal choice for a short to mid-range journey for individuals, couples, or small groups. Like small prop planes, small jets can also reach remote airports and destinations which larger private jet charter aircraft cannot, providing total travel freedom.

Medium Jets

Faster and more spacious than smaller jet models, medium jet hire provides our clients with an ultra-luxurious mode of transport. Mid-sized jets have a range of around four hours and can comfortably seat up to eight passengers, providing an opulent space in which you can relax as you fly. Interiors feature enhanced legroom and exquisite styling, with luxury leathers, soft carpet, and wooden veneer panelling. Benefit from the latest technology which allows you to work or entertain whilst in the air, as well as the freedom to arrange first-class onboard catering services.

Medium jet hire also offers greater luggage capacity and a faster journey time, providing the opportunity to create a bespoke travel schedule which can accommodate your needs and allowing you to spend more time at your chosen destination.

Long Range Jets

Long range jet hire offers the most luxurious space in which to fly. With a flight range of over 5000 miles and greater cabin space, our clients find themselves in upgraded comfort throughout a longer journey. Exclusivity is key in the design of our long-range aircraft, with some models providing a lounge space with the finest soft furnishings, allowing you to utilise your flight time as you wish. Features include separate areas, private bathrooms, and reclining seats, each carefully crafted for optimum comfort and enjoyment.

Long range jets can comfortably seat medium to large groups, with a selection of seating configurations to meet either business or personal needs. Benefit from advanced technology which allows you to remain connected throughout your flight, whether used for business or leisure, and enjoy fine cuisine, chosen in advance and freshly prepared by your dedicated flight crew for the ultimate private jet hire experience.

Regional Airliners

Regional airliner private jet hire offers large groups the opportunity to travel in optimal luxury. Popular with large corporate groups and sports teams, regional airliners can comfortably carry between 15 and 150 passengers. Flight range varies widely, and we have regional airliner models perfect for short to long-range journeys. Spacious cabin areas ensure that you and your guests travel with ample personal space whilst furnishings allow for room to work and relax.

Each regional airliner’s interior has been carefully crafted to suit either business or personal travel requirements. Seating arrangements and layouts allow for either maximum passenger capacity or luxurious comfort, with options ranging from rowed seating to separate areas. Your chosen regional airline will also have ample space for your dedicated flight crew to prepare hot and cold food and beverages, as chosen in advance by yourself, to keep your group refreshed throughout your journey whilst a large luggage capacity ensures all requirements will be catered to.

Large Airliners

Large airliners private jet are the biggest types of private jet available for hire, with the ability to comfortably seat hundreds of passengers. Similar to the types of plane used for commercial flights, large airliners give you the opportunity to transport large groups for corporate or personal travel, whilst ensuring you benefit from reduced waiting time on the ground, total privacy, and luxury surroundings whilst having total control over your flight schedule.

Interiors range from the practical to the luxe, with models including reclining seats, large personal tables, separated areas and opulent materials. Private bathrooms and the space for a full crew of flight attendants feature as standard with each model, allowing you to indulge in fine dining and beverages as selected by you. Large airliner private hire is perfect for business clients, transporting a corporate group or sports team, as well as personal clients looking for luxury transport for large wedding parties.