Explore Our Private
Jet Hire Services

Starr Luxury Jets proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service which makes your experience stress free.

We can enhance your trip with our signature catering and bespoke branding of the aircraft. You and your group will also have access to many of the private terminals around the globe.

Private Jet Charters

Our Private Jet Hire is perfect for:

  • Individual travel
  • Family flights
  • Holiday transport
  • Travelling between homes
  • Flying with pets
  • Wedding party flights


Business / Corporate Jet Charters

Private jet hire for businesses allows you to travel quickly and conveniently, making important meetings and moving between offices with ease.


Helicopter Flights: Charter a Private Helicopter Anywhere in the World

We work with accredited helicopter operators, so you can charter a private helicopter flight and have the freedom to take off from and land in even the most remote areas. Ideal for shorter trips for both corporate and private clients, some larger helicopters can carry up to 16 passengers, allowing
you to travel to any destination quickly, either on your own or with a mid-sized group.


Private Jet Empty legs: Luxury Travel at Affordable Prices

Chartering a private jet empty leg flight can be a great way to travel in first-class luxury whilst sticking to a modest budget. Empty leg jets become available when a private jet needs to make a journey with no passengers.


Additional Private Jet Hire Services: To Meet All Requirements

When you charter a private jet, you have the opportunity to make almost any request to ensure you can create the perfect luxury environment. Our team will always do everything in their power to
make sure those requests are met so that your private jet hire experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Our additional extras make travelling easy and enjoyable, setting the scene with bespoke finishing touches which have been tailored to your requirements. Whether you would like to request specialist catering, covering a dietary requirement or preference or want to have certain added extras available on board, we can make the necessary arrangements for you. Have a particular film ready to watch on board, entertain a teenage guest with their favourite magazine or have a fine quality champagne waiting for when you arrive; whatever your request we can make it happen.

Highly Qualified Pilots and Cabin Crew

We work with trusted aircraft operators around the world to ensure you get the best private jet flight to suit your needs. Each of our private jet models will be flown by a highly qualified pilot, who has years of experience in flying your desired aircraft. This leaves you free to simply book, arrive at the airport and fly, assured that you are in the safest hands.

Where appropriate, your private jet will also have a highly experienced cabin crew or flight assistant on board, each selected to meet the facilities of your aircraft and the number of passengers travelling. Dedicated to looking after your every need, your on-board flight crew can provide meals and refreshments and ensure you are kept comfortable throughout the journey.

Luxury Airport Transfers

Starr Luxury doesn’t just offer premium private jet hire. Having started out with a highly successful luxury car hire service which now has thousands of satisfied clients, we can also offer you prestige airport transfers with top models from Bentley, Range Rover and Mercedes. Book a chauffeur-driven luxury car and you can enjoy first-class travel from the moment you leave your address.

Our professional chauffeurs can collect you from any address in the UK, taking you to the airport in supreme comfort, ready to move from one luxurious space directly into another. Speak to our expert team when booking the private jet of your choice and we can cover your on-ground travel as well, ensuring a five-star travel experience from start to finish.