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Diamond D-Jet

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Diamond D-Jet Specifications

Seats 4/5
Speed 362 mph
Range 1600 miles
Cabin Length 3.50 m
Cabin Height 1.42 m
Cabin Width 1.42 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Launched by the Austrian aircraft manufacturer, the Diamond D-Jet is an exceptional option for those smaller, more intimate travelling parties. Offering you the most private and unique experience that flying can provide, this aircraft has been designed for those looking to travel short distances. Where once, commercial flying would take precedence here, now this model allows you to hold on to luxury and not compromise on the aspects of private travel that matter the most to you.

As part of the very light jet category, this model allows you to travel with 3-5 passengers in total. Think romantic trips away with your most cherished other half. Or family holidays that need to be as memorable as they can possibly be. You’ll be able to step aboard and enjoy the privacy that intimate private flying provides. Being lightweight and agile, the Diamond D-Jet can access smaller airfields such as Cannes, Dornoch or Courchevel. So, you won’t be limited to the incredible spots throughout Europe that you can discover throughout the year.

Diamond D-Jet Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Inside the cabin, 3 plush leather seats mean you’ll each be able to sink into exceptional comfort. Think luxury car but with wings – that’s how well-tailored the interior of this aircraft is. It is one of the most spacious cabins offered in a model of its size and has a fully rotating co-pilot seat that can be utilised by a member of your party. Additionally, the dual-rear seats can be folded down entirely, forming a flattened surface that is ideal for storing suitcases and other essential luggage. If this isn’t needed, the two large and spacious chairs can even offer seating for 3 adults – if needed. So you can cosy up with your beloved partner, colleagues or little loved ones all together as you take to the sky and travel in exceptional style.

Inside The Diamond D-Jet

Floor plan not available

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

There is additional storage space available in the nose area – perfect for larger sporting equipment, bigger bags and other essentials that your travelling party just can’t live without. And the fuselage can also provide additional space if needed. Flying at 250kts average cruise speed and with a range capability of 1300nm, you’ll be able to discover the world with the ones you love the most right next to your side.

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