Bombardier Global Express XRS

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Bombardier Global Express XRS Specifications

Seats 12/15
Speed 563 mph
Range 7255 miles
Cabin Length 14.73 m
Cabin Height 1.91 m
Cabin Width 2.49 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

An updated version of the original Bombardier Global Express, the XRS allows you to travel further, faster, and higher than ever before. Bombardier’s exemplary design standards and distinct focus on passenger comfort remains apparent throughout with the cabin space still of an incredibly high quality but advanced engineering takes this long range private jet one step further. The Bombardier Global Express XRS can seat up to 15 passengers comfortably whilst a range of 6170 nautical miles allows you to travel from Los Angeles to London or Tokyo in a single flight, remaining in opulent luxury throughout.

Fly by day and up to 15 passengers can relax in a mixture of club four and club two seating configurations, ideal for both work and dining. A separate break-out area features two wide sofas and makes an excellence space for more informal socialising or enhanced relaxation, creating the feeling of a home from home. For smaller groups opting for a night flight, the space can be completely altered to allow up to six guests rest in comfortable full-size beds, perfect for young families or business trips and ensuring you reach your destination feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead.

Bombardier Global Express XRS Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Leave the luxury of the private jet passenger lounge and step onboard the Bombardier Global XRS for an elevation of comfort and luxe. The timeless design features neutral colours and high-quality materials carefully crafted for a flawless finish. From the soft and supple leather upholstery to the wooden veneer panelling and Bombardier’s signature metal trim, every element has been meticulously considered to deliver a tranquil environment, perfect for business and personal trips. Alongside beautiful furnishings, the Bombardier Global Express XRS also features advanced technology and modern amenities to fit in with a modern lifestyle, with LCD monitors, a high-quality sound system, and wireless passenger controls allowing you to spend your journey as you wish.

Inside The Bombardier Global Express

Bombardier Global Express Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Just as the floor space and performance has been improved, so has the storage space. With 185 cubic feet available for your belongings, no luggage is off-limits. Whether you seek a long-range private jet for business hire and need to accommodate personal devices and sensitive documents or you are travelling with a young family and would like to bring a baby pram and home comforts, no item is too large. Easy access allows you to reach everything you need during your journey, creating the perfect space to remain productive or fully shut off from the world.

Charter a Bombardier Global Express XRS Private Jet

One of the most popular private jets for long-range journeys, the Bombardier Global Express XRS delivers the perfect union of speed, comfort, and indisputable luxury. A top speed of 513 knots sees private jet passengers reach your destination quickly whilst an incredibly quick refuelling time of 15 minutes allows for even further journeys. To charter a Bombardier Global Express XRS, you may make use of our online booking service, providing our expert team with any details of your trip alongside special requests. We then work with a global network of flight operators to provide you with one of the best long-range private jet hire services in the world.