outstanding climb, cruise and range
Dassault Falcon 2000LX

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Dassault Falcon 2000LX Specifications

Seats 8/10
Speed 554 mph
Range 4604 miles
Cabin Length 7.98 m
Cabin Height 1.88 m
Cabin Width 2.34 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The Dassault Falcon 2000LX is strong, flexible, and reliable making it an ideal private jet hire option for any party. Suited to all manner of journeys, this luxurious aircraft offers the space and flexibility needed to truly alter the minds of every frequent flyer. Trips of all sizes, from short European breaks through to long-haul business trips, are easily achieved and accommodated in an air of comfort and convenience. For those looking to take to the skies and love every moment, there is really no other choice than the Falcon 2000LX.

Recognised for its widebody construction, this spacious private jet takes into account manoeuvrability in-flight as well as the experience of each passenger. With a brand-new wing design and upgraded engines, it is capable of flying at an increased 441kts cruise speed with a range of nearly 7500. Pair this with the jet’s ability to reduce drag by an impressive 5% and you’ll experience a smoother and less turbulent journey regardless of the external weather conditions. The unique construction also means the Falcon 2000LX is able to access shorter and more challenging runways to expand your opportunities for travel.

Dassault Falcon 2000LX Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Once all of this has been taken into account, you’ll be hard-pressed not to fully appreciate the craftsmanship and quality that has gone into the spacious cabin. Up to 10 passengers can melt themselves into plush leather chairs, with the capability to adjust and swivel to suit your comfort needs. Fold-down tables along the walls make having a bite to eat, jotting down notes or watching that important webinar during your flight considerably easier. Your comfort and enjoyment is the number one priority at all times. That’s why this impressive jet has been fitted with a state-of-the-art entertainment system meaning films, music and games are simply just a click away. And tailored noise-reduction technology has also been built into the design, ensuring you’ll hardly know you’re soaring through the skies at impressive speeds.

Inside The Dassault Falcon 2000LX

Dassault Falcon 2000EX Easy Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Hiring a Falcon 2000LX should be an experience to remember and the in-built intuitive cabin management system allows you to guarantee this. Control connectivity and comfort, by dimming the lights or adjusting the temperature to suit the needs of your travelling party. All 10 guests can be catered for at all times. Built into the jet is space for up to 8 suitcases and an additional 8 carry-on bags. With this, you’ll be able to travel with all manner of items – think those beloved toys the little one’s can’t live without or your wardrobe of suits to get you through any situation.

Charter a Dassault Falcon 2000LX Private Jet

Starr Luxury Jets offers exceptional private jet hire, combining a focus on customer service with a fleet of jets to suit your every need. Whether travelling for business or leisure, these aircraft mean you’ll learn a new and exceedingly more enjoyable way to fly. If you’re ready to charter a Dassault Falcon 2000LX, our online quotation service can be found on the Starr Luxury Jets website. We also have a team on hand to help design an entirely personalised flying experience, just for you.