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BAe Hawker 4000

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BAe Hawker 4000 Specifications

Seats 8/9
Speed 541 mph
Range 3570 miles
Cabin Length 7.62 m
Cabin Height 1.82 m
Cabin Width 1.98 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The most spacious of the jets in the Hawker family, the BAe Hawker 4000 is the epitome in luxury travel. Comfortably accommodating between eight and ten passengers, private jet clients often choose to charter the super mid-sized aircraft for both business and leisure journeys, ensuring a small to medium-sized group is kept relaxed throughout. With a range of up to 3900 miles, the BAe Hawker 4000 is the perfect choice to fly between thousands of regional airports across the world and a top speed of up to 470 knots will ensure you get there quickly and conveniently.

Though the BAe Hawker 4000 is a highly capable super mid-sized private jet, this does not mean that there has been any compromise on the interior design or comfort. A double club seating configuration provides the perfect space for six passengers whilst a three-seater divan offers further space to lounge and unwind. Every element has been considered, designed, and crafted to the highest quality, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Fine quality materials feature at every possibility, with wooden veneer panelling and trim finishing the overall aesthetics, providing a beautifully classic space to work or relax, utilising the time on your medium private jet wisely.

BAe Hawker 4000 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

A spacious private bathroom sits to the rear of the cabin whilst the front houses an area especially designed for food and drinks preparation. With a dedicated flight crew catering to your every need, you may also like to utilise our tailored catering service, allowing you to select the exact menu for your party, covering any dietary need and satisfying personal tastes, whilst further enhancing your luxury travel experience. Discreet yet highly functional folding tables sit in between each club two seating area, providing a space to work or relax whilst remaining in keeping with the general aesthetic of the luxurious, modern private jet.

Inside The BAe Hawker 4000

BAe Hawker 1000 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

With easily accessible rear luggage space both internally and externally, you and your party have the option of storing over-sized carry-on luggage including bags and golf clubs, ideal for those luxury getaways. Corporate flyers may also like to utilise the space for business essentials, presentation boards and event equipment, demonstrating the diversity and versatility that a larger mid-sized private jet can offer. When compared to the Hawker 1000, the latest model features improved engines for a greater capability and opportunities to take off from and land at airports with shorter runways, opening your choice of destinations and flight path.

Charter a BAe Hawker 4000

With the capabilities of a smaller jet but the interior and space of a larger model, the BAe Hawker 4000 makes an excellent choice for mid-range journeys, whilst suiting the needs of both corporate and private clients. To charter a Hawker 4000 private jet, make use of our quick and easy online booking form, sending us the details of your request. Our expert team will use our worldwide network of flight operators and industry contacts to provide a full quote, ensuring that your needs are met and you can experience the ultimate in luxury travel.