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Gulfstream GIII

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Gulfstream GIII Specifications

Seats 12/14
Speed 575 mph
Range 4,315 miles
Cabin Length 12.58 m
Cabin Height 1.85 m
Cabin Width 2.21 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The third member of the Gulfstream family, the GIII is an upgraded version of the GII, with enhanced range, improved performance, and an interior overhaul. With a range of 4200 nautical miles, private jet travellers can fly from coast to coast in the USA or make a non-stop journey from London to Moscow. A typical layout can seat between 12 to 14 passengers, making the Gulfstream GIII the perfect long range private jet to charter for corporate teams and medium groups. Space and comfort have been prioritised alongside range, providing a tranquil area in which you can relax, dine, or work.

With a width of 7.3 feet and a height of 6.2 feet, passengers will find that they have ample space to stand and move around onboard the Gulfstream GIII. Ten signature oval windows flood the cabin with natural light, helping to create a relaxing, luxurious space which has been tastefully designed and crafted in neutral, classic colours. A typical layout includes a mixture of club two and four seating configurations along with a divan lounge area, allowing your party to socialise, work or hold briefings with your team and providing the opportunity to remain productive throughout your transcontinental flight.

Gulfstream GIII Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

The first-class interior has been carefully crafted using some of the finest materials in the world, with luxury leather upholstery and premium wooden veneer panelling harmoniously put together to create a serene space. As with most Gulfstream aircraft available to charter, the Gulfstream GIII features two Rolls-Royce engines, helping to create a smooth, seamless flight which always leaves passengers feeling utter comfort. Further design achievements help to make this long-range private jet more efficient, a more sustainable way to experience luxury travel without needing to compromise on comfort or performance.

Inside The Gulfstream GIII

Gulfstream GIII Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

An easily accessible baggage area of 155 cubic feet provides plenty of space for the luggage and belongings of each guest. Whether your party needs to bring golf bags, cases and ski equipment or personal devices and unique items, the Gulfstream GIII can accommodate all. Parents with young families or individuals with pets can access any belongings during your flight with the help of your exclusive flight attendants, who will remain on hand to make sure your group is comfortable and relaxed at all times. Prams, pet beds and home comforts can be stored and accessed throughout, transforming the minimal environment into the perfect space for your occasion and group.

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The Gulfstream GIII is an extremely spacious long-range private jet which has passenger experience as its main focus. To charter a Gulfstream GIII between thousands of airports worldwide you may make use of our online booking form, which allows you to quickly and conveniently provide us with the details of your desired trip. Our expert team has access to a wealth of industry contacts and a global network of flight operators, allowing us to meet special requests big or small and always striving to ensure that you have the best luxury air travel experience in the world.