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Gulfstream G2

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Gulfstream G2 Specifications

Seats 12/14
Speed 483 mph
Range 4122 miles
Cabin Length 10.3 m
Cabin Height 1.83 m
Cabin Width 2.20 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The first of Gulfstream’s outstanding long range private jet designs, the Gulfstream G2 boasts a large and spacious interior alongside a fantastic range and proven reliability. The long range private jet is perfect for both business and personal trips, seating up to 12 passengers comfortably, with the standard interior including a mix of club and individual seats with divan seating. A range of 3650 nautical miles allows you to travel from London to the outskirts of Europe and beyond whilst a top speed of 442 knots ensures you will arrive quickly, remaining in sumptuous comfort throughout.

Step onboard and find yourself instantly surrounded in luxury, a cabin space which is showered in natural light, each speck revealing the intricate details and fine quality of the interior. You and your guests will benefit from personal space in abundance, with each club two or four seating configuration featuring a beautiful folding table, offering the perfect space to work, dine or unwind. Every element has been made from some of the most luxurious materials in the world, from the luxury leather seating to the wooden veneer panelling. Soft carpet runs the length of the cabin, resulting in a serene space which can be adapted to suit both business private jet travel as well as personal flights.

Gulfstream G2 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

The large baggage compartment offers 150 cubic feet of space, perfect for the personal belongings of your group. Though this is sufficient to store general luggage, golf clubs and personal devices the impressive cabin space of the Gulfstream G2 provides further opportunity to travel with anything you need. Transport an art collection across Europe to a potential buyer or keep a much-loved pet comfortable and relaxed throughout the journey with familiar furnishings from home, the flexibility of private jet travel combined with the space of the Gulfstream G2 creates endless opportunities for private jet flyers.

Inside The Gulfstream G2

Gulfstream G2 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Whilst onboard, you and your party will be kept comfortable and relaxed with your exclusive flight crew on hand to assist throughout your journey. A large galley space provides the ideal area to prepare hot and cold food and beverages, allowing you to remain energised and utilise your travelling time well. A full-sized lavatory features to the rear whilst an entertainment centre allows you to fully unwind, watching a film or listening to the audio of your choice with a cold and refreshing drink at your side. The versatility of the Gulfstream G2 provides an area which is not only ideal for corporate private jet travel but also to suit young families, getting you to your destination feeling completely stress-free.

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The Gulfstream G2 is the smallest of the Gulfstream range, yet it still boasts an impressive, spacious interior. To charter a Gulfstream G2 you may make use of our online booking system, providing us with your full requirements and allowing us to utilise our global network of flight operators and industry contacts to accommodate. No special request is too big, our expert team are on stand by to ensure that you experience one of the most luxurious private jet hire services in the world.