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Bombardier Global Express

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Bombardier Global Express Specifications

Seats 12/13
Speed 588 mph
Range 7000 miles
Cabin Length 14.73 m
Cabin Height 1.90 m
Cabin Width 2.48 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

With the right knowledge and advanced engineering capabilities, nothing in luxury air travel is impossible and the Bombardier Global Express is direct proof of this. A range of around 6000 nautical miles allows passengers to fly directly between almost any two airports across the world whilst a top speed of 487 knots ensures you will arrive quickly. One of the most luxurious interiors guarantees maximum comfort throughout your flight and clients can select between beautiful, tasteful designs to experience the perfect space for your occasion. Up to 12 guests can be seated comfortably, enveloped in the finest quality surroundings for a journey which proves to be just as productive or relaxing as at home or in the office.

Standard layouts include a mixture of club two and club four seating configurations, paired with a separate lounge space for more informal socialising. Each model has been beautifully built to exact specifications, ensuring that each flight you make sees you in surroundings that resemble a work of art. Luxury, high-quality leathers have been perfectly paired with wooden veneers and the signature Bombardier metal trim for an overall feel which exudes class. Such timeless designs allow the space to become highly versatile, a long-range private jet that is suitable for corporate travellers, families, or groups of friends.

Bombardier Global Express Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

High tech facilities allow you to work or relax whilst on the move, whether you choose to hold a presentation or sit back and listen to the soundtrack of your choice. Whatever situation is best for your travel needs, full cabin settings remain at your fingertips throughout, so you will always remain in control of the environment that your party experience. As you spend your time as your wish, your personal flight crew may make use of the full refreshment centre, offering hot and cold food and drinks to ensure your party arrive feeling comfortable and energised.

Inside The Bombardier Global Express

Bombardier Global Express Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Impressive range capabilities allow you to make long-haul journeys such as San Francisco to Buenos Aires in a single trip, ensuring your party is kept comfortable and refreshed throughout, without the need to make any stops or changes. An easily accessible storage hold of 195 cubic feet provides the perfect place to hold limitless belongings, be that a private art collection, ski equipment or personal luggage. Though the Bombardier Global Express is ideal for business travellers, families and groups can also benefit, having the opportunity to travel with baby prams, a vast amount of baggage or home comforts.

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A luxury design has been perfectly paired with incredible range capabilities and impressive speeds for a long-range private jet that can take you across the globe in extraordinary times. To charter a Bombardier Global Express, clients may make use of our quick and easy online booking form which provides us with everything we need to ensure you have a fantastic flight. Working with a worldwide network of flight operators and industry contacts, our expert team will go above and beyond to meet every request, big or small, providing the best luxury air travel in the world.