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Embraer EMB 145

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Embraer EMB 145 Jet Specifications

Seats 50
Speed 517 mph
Range 1783 miles
Cabin Length 16.49 m
Cabin Height 1.82 m
Cabin Width 2.10 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Noted as being one of the fastest aircraft within its class, the Embraer EMB 145 will land you in your final destination with ease. It has been carefully designed and customised to ensure the smoothest of flights for up to 50 passengers. No matter whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, jetting the entire team across the Atlantic or organising a business meeting between yours and the international office, it offers a host of benefits to suit every need. Private jet hire gives you the opportunity to take control of your time in the sky and this model by Embraer ensures you can do this with all the luxuries of a 5* hotel too.

Powered by 2 Rolls Royce AE3007A1/3 engines, the EMB 135 is nimble and quick. It soars through the skies, rising at speed and taking you above the adverse weather conditions in no time at all. No matter how nervous some of your party are, it’s easy to flip around their perception of flying in no time with this airliner. The cabin itself is large and spacious. With no middle seats, it opens up a wider walkway and allows passengers to move freely throughout. Each plush and spacious leather seat conforms to support your body, providing a haven of comfort to be enjoyed at all moments. Sit back and finish your presentation, catch up on the latest episode from your favourite show or keep the little ones entertained with their favourite book. This jet provides everything that a larger party needs, including power outlets next to each seat.

Embraer EMB 145 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Cruising at speeds of 430 knots, the EMB 145 is 70 knots faster than it’s leading competitor. It offers an impressive range of 800 nautical miles, allowing you to visit countries such as Spain, Italy and Monaco easily. This model is known for its efficiency and comfort – two factors that allow larger parties to benefit from the luxuries of private jet hire. Inside the cabin, the attention to detail continues. Offering 1.62m headroom throughout, it offers space and comfort for even the tallest of your travellers. Each passenger is greeted with a plush leather seat with a 31″ pitch and the option to adjust the position to fit their individual needs. During the flight, the seat layout allows the entire group to socialise, providing the time needed to confirm the latest slides on your presentation or simply go over the winning plays of the big game.

Inside The Embraer EMB 145

Embraer EMB 145 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

When it comes to catering to the needs of your entire party, the EMB 145 provides everything you’ll need. An amply sized and fully equipped galley allows both hot and cold food to be served. Treat them to delicious meals as they make their way to the end destination, or keep the entire party topped up on bubbles for an overdue celebration. Sports teams, wedding parties or large corporate groups – no matter the purpose of your trip, this aircraft allows you to forgo to discomforts of commercial flight in favour of something more premium.

Advanced noise-cancelling technology used within the jet’s design ensures the quietest of journeys for all. Alongside this, 226 cubic feet of luggage space allows you to take the essentials along for the ride. Extra suits, larger skiing equipment or even the game trophy will all find their space in this safe and secure section of the plane. Overall, this aircraft has been designed perfectly for short-haul flights and sizable parties.


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