twin-engine short range jet airliner
Fokker F28

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Fokker F28 Jet Specifications

Seats 65-70
Speed 533 mph
Range 1704 miles
Cabin Length 20.80 m
Cabin Height 2.01 m
Cabin Width 3.08 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Designed to complement the highly successful Fokker F27, the newer, redesigned Fokker F28 is a twin jet regional airliner with excellent performance and good short field stopping capabilities. As with most regional airliners, there are several cabin configurations to select from and the Fokker F28 can comfortably hold up to 85 passengers in maximum capacity seating. An increased range of 1200 nautical miles allows for short to mid-length trips between thousands of airports around the world. From London your party could cover the majority of Europe or from Ontario, groups can fly as far as the Bahamas in a single trip.

Designed with both passenger and cargo flights in mind, the cabin of the Fokker F28 is incredibly spacious, with large doors and a greater number of windows, making for amazing views. The increase also allows natural light to flood the cabin, brightening the tasteful interior. Updated facilities and features include reclining seats and pull out tables, allowing you to work, relax or dine throughout your trip. With many layouts and seating configurations to choose from, for smaller groups this regional airliner offers an incredible amount of personal space with ample leg room.

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Comfort & Size

Some variants of the Fokker F28 also include in-flight entertainment, allowing each passenger to enjoy their preferred show or music. Whilst onboard, you can enjoy hot and cold meals prepared and served by your flight crew in the dedicated galley and accompanied by an extensive choice of hot and cold drinks. Should you choose to hire a Fokker F28, this doesn’t just benefit you with complete privacy, but also allows you to have total freedom around your flight schedule. Flying around your personal plans or itinerary means you can spend the time enjoying a meal before an event or running through a presentation on your way to a conference. The versatility of the Fokker F28 makes it an excellent choice for those seeking private jet hire for corporate or personal travel.

Inside The Fokker F28

Fokker F28 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Due to the Fokker F28’s unique design allowing for cargo flights, there is not usually an external baggage hold. However, passengers will find ample space in the cabin to store carry-on and larger luggage items, removing the restrictions you would usually face when flying commercially. Should you have specific storage requirements, this can be discussed with our flight team who will always source you an aircraft which meets your needs. A built-in restroom also features to the rear of the plane, ensuring passenger comfort throughout a short to mid-range flight.

Charter a Fokker F28

The Fokker F28 is a fast and efficient regional airliner with impressive range capabilities. To charter a Fokker F28, you can use our simple online booking form, providing our team with everything they need to know about your desired journey. We will then use this information to provide a full quote for your review before arranging for your chosen aircraft to be waiting on the tarmac for you at the time specified, allowing you to simple arrive at the airport, go through the streamlined security process and fly in complete comfort.