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Bombardier CRJ700

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Bombardier CRJ700 Jet Specifications

Seats 78
Speed 544 mph
Range 2000 miles
Cabin Length 17.28 m
Cabin Height 1.89 m
Cabin Width 2.13 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Fast, efficient, and reliable, the Bombardier CRJ700 is a popular choice of regional airliner available for private charter. Interiors are modern and spacious, whilst performance allows you to travel as quickly and smoothly as a commercial flight. It can seat between 70 and 78 passengers in two class settings, providing your party with a comfortable space to travel on short haul flights. A firm favourite for corporate groups, wedding parties and sports teams, the Bombardier CRJ700 has a range of 1700 nautical miles allowing you to quickly travel from Paris to Moscow, New York to Minneapolis or Hong Kong to Beijing.

Cabin layouts can vary between aircraft but the Bombardier CRJ700 usually features two class settings, with 70 passengers seated in a two abreast rowed seating configuration. One of the most spacious regional airliners, your party can remain comfortable with 6 foot 2 inches of standing space and passengers seated up front in the first-class area can expect even wider seats with greater legroom. Each row of the first-class area includes power outlets and USB ports, allowing you and your party to use personal devices and high performing WiFi keeps you connected throughout. Sit back and relax as a modern air management system ensures each passenger breathes fresh, clean air for additional hygiene and comfort.

Above each seat, there is ample storage space for hand luggage and personal belongings, allowing for easy access during your flight. For larger luggage items and coats, the Bombardier CRJ700 features both a separate closet space and an external luggage hold, providing 250 cubic feet of room. The CRJ series is also available to hire with new ATMOSPHERE cabin spaces, featuring ambient lighting, wider aisle spaces and up to 50% more luggage capacity. A contemporary design and open spaces provide passengers with a true VIP experience, further enhanced by complete privacy.

Comfort & Size

A separate restroom features at the rear of the plane and in more modern versions, the CRJ series has been updated to provide the first fully accessible restroom on a regional airliner, beneficial for those with reduced mobility. At the front of the aircraft, your flight crew will have access to two fully-equipped galley spaces, allowing them to serve you and your guests hot and cold meals and beverages, ensuring you are kept refreshed throughout your journey. Updated engines and hydraulics make for a smooth and relaxing flight, providing two pilots with the technology and equipment needed to fly safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Inside The Bombardier CRJ700

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Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Highly spacious and exclusive, this regional airliner provides up to 78 passengers with comfortable, convenient luxury travel. To charter a Bombardier CRJ700, you may use our online booking form or speak to our experienced team. We can provide further information and recommendations to ensure your needs are met and work with a global network of flight operators to source your chosen private jet from your preferred location. We can handle any special request, big or small, and will do everything in our power to provide a five-star service and ensure you have the best private jet hire experience.

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