turbo-prop Dutch airliner
Fokker F27

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Fokker F27 Jet Specifications

Seats 48-56
Speed 316 mph
Range 1200 miles
Cabin Length 15.6 m
Cabin Height 2.01 m
Cabin Width 2.10 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Available as either a cargo or passenger plane, the Fokker F27 is a highly efficient regional airliner, the perfect choice for those looking to charter a private jet for short flights as a larger group. With a range of 935 nautical miles and a top speed of 260 knots, you can expect to complete trips from Ontario into North Dakota or London across Europe in a single flight. Configurations range between each aircraft, though the Fokker F27 can be chartered to carry up to 56 passengers in complete privacy and comfort, making it ideal for large sports teams, wedding parties and corporate events.

The cabin space varies depending on your group’s requirements. The maximum capacity layout, including traditional rows of seats for up to 56, is an excellent choice for larger groups. Alternatively, an aircraft with a premium cabin space seating up to 28 can be sourced to provide a smaller party with more room and a greater seat pitch. An internal height of over 8 feet allows for your party to stand and move freely, whilst there is enough leg room to stretch out and relax during your journey. All layouts of the Fokker F27 include at least one separate lavatory for additional comfort.

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Comfort & Size

Many variants of the Fokker F27 include foldable tables which allow you to comfortably enjoy refreshments or remain productive en route to a meeting or corporate event. Equally, those looking to hire a private jet for leisure will find the Fokker F27 just as practical and comfortable, enjoying the freedom needed to relax. A fully equipped galley space allows your flight crew to prepare and serve hot and cold drinks and meals, ensuring you remain comfortable and your travelling time is utilised well. As well as hot coffee, fresh juice, and champagne, chartering a private jet gives you the opportunity to take charge of the inflight menu with an optional bespoke catering service, providing your guests with a la carte dining.

Inside The Fokker F27

Fokker F27 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Due to the Fokker F28’s unique design allowing for cargo flights, there is not usually an external baggage hold. However, passengers will find ample space in the cabin to store carry-on and larger luggage items, removing the restrictions you would usually face when flying commercially. Should you have specific storage requirements, this can be discussed with our flight team who will always source you an aircraft which meets your needs. A built-in restroom also features to the rear of the plane, ensuring passenger comfort throughout a short to mid-range flight.

Charter a Fokker F27

The Fokker F27 is powered by two Rolls-Royce turbo props, providing short-haul flights at highly competitive speeds. This, along with its impressive range capabilities, makes the regional airliner a firm favourite for both corporate and personal travel, allowing you to reach close destinations with ease. And with thanks to its high seating allowance, the Fokker F27 can also work out to be an affordable choice of private jet, providing complete privacy and the freedom to fly on your own schedule whilst remaining in budget.