medium-range regional airliner
Fokker F70

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Fokker F70 Jet Specifications

Seats 79-85
Speed 519 mph
Range 1250 miles
Cabin Length 16.57 m
Cabin Height 2.01 m
Cabin Width 3.10 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The Fokker F70 is a narrow-bodied regional airliner, ideal for mid-haul flights for larger groups. With only 47 models ever made, the Fokker F70 is a rare private jet and around half still fly today. As with many regional airliners, there are several seating configuration and cabin layouts available, with the maximum-capacity layout comfortably seating up to 79 guests. For smaller groups VIP models can be selected with customised interiors and luxury furnishings, ensuring you have an unforgettable flight. A top range of 1600 nautical miles makes the Fokker F70 ideal for private flights from London to Moscow or covering a wide area of the United States, including New York to Denver.

The cabin interior ranges drastically based on your requirements and preferences. Larger groups of 58 can sit comfortably in a traditional 2-3 seat layout, separated by an aisle space, or enjoy wider seats in a layout to seat 50. Each passenger will have access to a folding table and most models also include in-flight entertainment, allowing your party to individually enjoy music or shows to suit their tastes. When booking the Fokker F70, you can specify the needs and preferences of your group to allow out expert flight team to source and arrange the ideal aircraft for you.

Fokker F70 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Your cabin crew will have access to a fully equipped galley to allow for hot and cold food and drink preparation. If booked for a smaller group with VIP layout, the Fokker F70 can accommodate several catering options, giving you the added option of a bespoke catering service, used to create a la carte meals based on the dietary requirements and tastes of your guests. As a regional airliner which was originally designed for both passenger and cargo flights, the Fokker F70 does not have an external baggage hold. However, with such a generously spacious cabin, there is ample room to store the luggage and belongings of each guest on board.

Inside The Fokker F70

Fokker F70 Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Alternatively, smaller groups of up to 24 can relax in sheer luxury, in a customised space designed to offer the full VIP experience. Meticulously maintained and highly exclusive, your group can benefit from a separate dining space, horizontal flat beds, and a sophisticated design. Individual reclining and swivelling seats allow you to get comfortable however you wish, whilst also remaining practical enough to enable team meetings or socialising with friends and family. Two separate restrooms make for additional comfort whilst further seating is available to accommodate a two-person cabin crew.

Charter a Fokker F70

The Fokker F70 is a highly versatile regional airliner with models available to suit those who favour comfort or those who favour capacity. To charter a Fokker F70, you may use our simple online booking form, providing us with as many details as possible about your trip, passenger numbers and expectations. Our expert team will then work with our global network of flight operators to source the perfect aircraft, providing you with a full quote for your approval. Should you have any special requirements or wish to discuss a booking with us, our team is also on hand, striving to provide our clients with the best private jet hire service.