Attend Cannes Film Festival by Private Jet

Cannes Film Festival private jet hire

Attend Cannes Film Festival by Private Jet or Helicopter: Luxury Travel Options to Get You to The Cote d’Azur

The Cannes Film Festival is a glamorous, star-studded event which has been hosted annually since 1946. Occurring in May each year, the festival takes place to raise awareness of films and celebrate the ongoing achievements of the film industry. One of the most prestigious film events in the calendar year, over 12000 professionals, journalists and special guests attend the event, watching exclusive premieres of the latest films, enjoying exclusive events, and seeing who will win the coveted Palm d’Or trophies.

With so many professionals invited to attend, commercial flights can be difficult to secure. Instead, many opt for Cannes Film Festival private jet hire, which allows you to avoid busy crowds by travelling directly to smaller airports. With more flight landing times available, you have the opportunity to create a bespoke flight schedule which ensures you get to and from the event exactly when you want to. Not only does this save travelling time and ensure you are kept comfortable and relaxed throughout, attending Cannes Film Festival by private jet can also be safer and more secure, achieving a level of privacy and discretion that flying via a commercial airline simply cannot.

French Riviera Holiday Private Jet Hire

Private Jet Hire for Cannes Film Festival

There are four main airports that guests can arrive at and depart from with Cannes Film Festival private jet hire. Nice Cote d’Azur Airport and Cannes Mandelieu Airport are the two most popular, although some attendees also like to use St Tropez or Toulon. Each accommodates private jet planes and helicopter charters, allowing you to reach the Cannes Film Festival quickly and conveniently in many different ways.

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is the most popular choice for Cannes Film Festival private jet hire. As an international airport with a full sized runway, clients may choose any aircraft including small private jets for those attending from London or other areas of Europe or long range private jets for guests arriving from the USA or Asia. It is also open for private jet arrivals and departures 24 hours a day, giving you the most freedom in selecting your journey times. It is situated about a 30 minute drive away from the Cannes Film Festival itself although private helicopter charters can be arranged and waiting on the ground for those who would prefer a more direct route.

An ideal landing destination for those travelling from areas outside of Europe, we recommend the Bombardier Global 7500. One of the most luxurious long range jets in our fleet, the Bombardier Global 7500 sets a new standard for the private jet hire industry. A range of over 7500 nautical miles allows you to fly directly to Nice from Los Angeles, Singapore and almost anywhere else in the world. Four separate areas give you the freedom to relax, dine or work as you need whilst a Master Suite bedroom includes full size bed and ensuite with shower, ensuring you arrive feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. An onboard crew can take care of your needs and additional services include fine dining options which allow you to create your own menu, ensuring you have eaten well before the event.

Cannes Mandelieu Airport is another favourite for the guests of Cannes Film Festival. With a runway size of approximately 5000 feet, passengers may only arrive by small prop plane, small private jet or regional airliner. One benefit of this is that Cannes Mandelieu does not run commercial flights and will only accept private plane arrivals and departures, ensuring that your arrival is kept as discreet as possible. This is the closest airport to the festival location, with a transfer by car taking around 20 minutes.

If you would like to charter a small private jet to Cannes Film Festival from London or anywhere else in Europe, we recommend the Cessna Citation CJ2+. An updated version from the luxurious aircraft manufacturer, the Cessna Citation CJ2+ features a fresh and modern interior, which can comfortably seat up to six passengers. Increased technologies and advancements ensure that you are kept in supreme comfort throughout your flight with enhanced soundproofing and engineering updates that keep your flight quiet and smooth. Unwind and enjoy a cold drink from the minibar and take in glorious views as you cruise over the beautiful French Riviera.

The weekend of the Cannes Film Festival usually takes place at the same time as the Monaco Grand Prix, making it the European private jet hire industry’s busiest period of the year. If you can, ensure you book a private jet in advance, allowing you to have the most choice in terms of when and where you fly as well as the aircraft you would like to use.

Cannes Film Festival private jet hire

Private Helicopter Charters for Cannes Film Festival

For VIP guests, Cannes Film Festival helicopter charters provide a secure and discreet mode of transport. Able to fly you from the four closest airports as well as many luxury hotels and private accommodation, you can avoid the stresses of traffic or being seen by the public, instead taking the most direct route to the Cannes Film Festival. Not only does arriving by helicopter offer a convenient mode of transport, travel times can also be less than half of what they are to drive, making sure you arrive at the event on time, feeling relaxed.

Attending the Cannes Film Festival by private jet is the quickest, most comfortable, and ultimately luxurious way to travel. With the benefits of closer proximity, reduced waiting times and no schedule, guests can fly exactly when they want and how they want, also taking the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep and a hot shower before arrival.

To charter a private jet for Cannes Film Festival, you may use our online booking form. Providing details of when, where and how you would like to travel, our expert team will work to create a personalised flight schedule which caters to your needs, ensuring you receive five-star service throughout.

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