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The Future of Aviation Post Covid-19: Is the Travel Industry Up in the Air?

The Future of Aviation Post Covid-19: Is the Travel Industry Up in the Air?

Before the threat of Covid-19 hit the UK and the world, the future of aviation was getting really exciting. Industry experts and professionals predicted the step towards a greener and more technologically advanced flight network, including the introduction of electric planes and the usage of AI and robotics. The demand for commercial air transport was expected to rise on average 4.3% per year over the next twenty years, with more and more people travelling for both business and leisure. And then coronavirus hit the world, and everything seemed to grind to a halt. But what will happen now? Now that borders across the world have been closed, social distancing is in full force and there is currently an undeniable fear amongst travellers.

Most flights have been grounded and we have already seen the collapse of some smaller airlines. British commercial airline, FlyBe, who was in financial troubles before the crisis has now gone into administration. Around the world, Virgin Australia and Air Italy have followed suit. In a bid to restart business, air giant Emirates has begun to conduct Covid-19 tests on passengers, with results available within ten minutes, allowing them to travel safely. EasyJet, on the other hand, has suggested they will be looking into social distancing on flights, transporting a smaller number of passengers to allow for empty seating and a sufficient distance between travellers. Other airlines are thinking of making wearing a mask compulsory and restricting movement once onboard. Of course, with each of these suggestions comes a huge change in flight experience and an inevitable increase in the price of flights.

However, if you want to avoid many of the future regulations and continue to fly safely whilst still enjoying the luxury of air travel, the private aviation industry is looking to become the new norm. Especially as one of the safety aspects we have not seen any logical suggestions for what is the fact that a commercial aircraft cabin is pumped with air conditioning to keep temperatures regulated and the atmosphere fresh. Sharing potentially contaminated air with hundreds of other passengers may be enough to put you off travelling for life. But with private jet hire, not only do you heavily reduce your risk of contaminating or becoming contaminated by any other passenger by travelling solely with your family, friends or colleagues in a spacious interior, private jets are also not bound by as many rules as commercial airlines, even allowing them to travel into and out of airports where traditional airlines are not yet back up and running.

Flying by private jet also has the added benefit of avoiding standing in groups of thousands during the check-in and boarding procedures. Passengers who opt for private jet hire can go through a streamlined security and boarding process, which allows the opportunity to practice safe social distancing at every step, without feeling like very much has changed at all. Not only is the process more secure with much smaller numbers of passengers, the procedures at both your departure and destination airports are much faster, allowing you to quickly retrieve your luggage and continue with your journey. And the price does not have to be extortionate, the cost of private jet hire varies greatly depending on the aircraft, flight route and number of passengers that you are travelling with. With private jet charter models ranging from the basic to the sumptuously luxurious, passengers can keep travel plans and stick within a budget that suits.

With the fate of commercial aviation very up in the air at the moment, private jet hire travel is expected to become more popular with both groups and individuals, travelling for both business and pleasure. In a bid to offer a safe and cost-effective solution to future air travel, private jet operators have been planning ahead, investing lots of money into effective products and scheduling strict cleaning regimes which ensure that after use, an aircraft is made completely safe for the next group of passengers. It has been suggested that private jet hire will no longer be the choice of transport for the elite alone. This is not necessarily a luxury purchase, for passengers who can afford to fly by private jet, this is simply a case of wanting to get to and from destinations without the risk of falling ill. And with commercial airline schedules expected to be much more limited than they were last year, private jet hire allows you the freedom to travel directly to any airport around the world at the time which suits you best. This is the same for both personal and corporate passengers. Whereas private jet hire may have once been reserved for directors and executives of the world’s biggest companies, it has now become one of the most secure ways to transport people for business, allowing you to work to your own personal timetable and letting corporate operations to continue with ease.

We don’t think anyone quite knows the future of aviation following the global pandemic yet, but what we do know is that private flight hire will play a vital role in allowing businesses and families to begin to go back to normal life. Where before the virus we were considering the developments of aviation in terms of advanced technology, we will now have to wait and see simply how the industry will get back off the ground first. If you need to make an essential journey or want to book a trip to look forward to, please get in touch with our expert team who will be able to give you further details on the aircraft we have available for private jet hire. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a worldwide network of private flight operators, we will be able to advise on the latest travel recommendations and rules both in the UK and across the world, allowing you to travel safely and securely as quickly as possible.

private jet cargo flight

Covid-19 Cargo Flights: Transport Goods Around the World Quickly and Conveniently

Covid-19 Cargo Flights: Transport Goods Around the World Quickly and Conveniently

As the world unites in a lockdown period which has now been in force for several weeks, we are seeing some drastic changes and the need for businesses and individuals to send cargo globally is now more apparent than ever. With health services in need of supplies and consumers turning to online shopping for both essential and non-essential goods, we have become reliant on the fast transportation of cargo, to enable our lives to continue as normally as possible. Traditional means are currently in high demand, but Starr Luxury Jets are available to help with the offer of private cargo flight hire service.

Whether you need to fly essential machinery, medical supplies, or critical paperwork, we have access to a worldwide network of flight operators and cargo charter planes. Perfect for time-sensitive deliveries, our cargo flight rental service allows you to get whatever you need to remote destinations, across the country or to the other side of the world. And, with very short lead times, you can ensure the ongoing operations of your business without any disruption. Our private cargo flights are perfect for the automotive and aerospace industries as well as private use and enabling humanitarian aid to continue.

Our cargo flight models available for charter include large custom-built holding areas with rear, nose, and ramp-loading capabilities, ideal for transporting goods large and small. Ranging from medium to airliner sized aircraft, cargo charter planes provide the perfect space for any goods and you can expect quick travel times with flights made directly from and to the destination of your choice. With dozens of different aircraft designs which are purely built for cargo charter, our expert team can advise on the hold size and models available which will suit your needs, helping to arrange the safe and secure logistics of your goods from ground to air.

For smaller, more sensitive cargo, such as highly confidential documents or parcels, we can offer an on-board courier service. Competitively priced, secure, and trackable, we can quickly find an on-board courier with the correct visa needed to hand deliver your goods to any destination in the world. Or, if you need to organise more specialist transport for the safe flight of hazardous goods, we can provide you with the latest guidance on restrictions and regulations, whilst offering the best aircraft and licence available to meet your needs.

Our expert team is on hand and ready to react, finding you the closest aircraft which is suitable for your needs. We will work with you and keep you informed through every step of your private cargo flight hire service booking, providing a seamless service and ensuring you can get your goods from the ground to the air quickly and efficiently. And with a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts, we can ensure that you get a private air cargo service which is cost-effective and professional. Please get in touch with our friendly team, who will be able to provide further information and book cargo flights right away.

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Repatriation Flights: Fly Home Quickly and Safely with Private Jet Hire

Private Jet Runway

As the whole world adjusts in a period of uncertainty during the global Covid-19 pandemic, commercial airlines have stopped operating almost entirely. With advice from government officials worldwide being that you should only travel if essential and flights extremely limited, many of us who were visiting elsewhere when this all began may be left feeling stuck with no possible way of getting home. And it is not just the infrequency of flights that we need to worry about, traditionally designed airliners can seat hundreds of passengers with very little space and opportunity to practise social distancing. Private jet rescue flights are the best option to get home to your loved ones

Starr Luxury Jets can offer a safer, more reliable alternative with private jet hire repatriation and rescue flights. Available to hire for essential travel, you can book a repatriation flight from anywhere in the world, getting you back to the UK or most other home countries. Dictate your own schedule and fly quickly and conveniently, avoiding the stress and dangers of a busy commercial check-in service and waiting area, which allows you to keep your distance at every step along the way. Benefit from a streamlined security process for private jet charter travellers and maximise the chance to keep a 2-metre space between you and other travellers.

With your own private jet for hire, you will not need to worry about spending hours sharing a confined space with strangers. From small private jet planes to regional airliners available for private hire, you can select the perfect model for you and your family, allowing you to travel freely as a group. Enjoy the space and luxury environment as you can relax in some kind of normality on your trip. With a highly experienced pilot and dedicated flight crew for most models, you can take the time to enjoy high quality food and drinks on your journey, before safely arriving back in your home country or city to sit tight whilst we see this through.

Alternatively, if you are looking for corporate private jet hire and you still need to travel for business purposes, that is also something we can arrange. Continue to provide an essential service or keep your company growing whilst remaining as safe as possible, in a private jet which is reserved for your use only. Whether you need regular business flights or a single, one-off journey to keep your business operating during the pandemic, we have access to a worldwide network of flight operators, allowing you the freedom to travel safely and conveniently, reducing the risk to yourself and others.

With an extremely low risk of infection, our rescue flights private jet hire service is the perfect way to travel home during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you are healthy or sick, we can help to get you back home to a familiar environment as quickly as possible. Our expert team are on hand to discuss your requirements and arrange the ideal private jet repatriation flight for you and your family, allowing you to simply book, arrive at the airport and fly.

The Best UK Airports for Private Jet Hire Passengers

The Best UK Airports for Private Jet Hire Passengers

The UK has a draw for every type of traveller. In the South, London is a bustling hub of business and entertainment, drawing in tourists from all over the world. Up North, the Scottish Highlands offer some of the most picturesque and breath-taking views found anywhere. And Bath is the birthplace of Roman sanitation while surrounded by the best shopping centres. For those looking to discover everything the UK has to offer, private jet hire provides a level of luxury throughout your journey. Allowing you to sit back in comfort while planning an itinerary that delves into everything Great Britain has to offer, travelling on a private plane will make your next trip truly unforgettable. There are over 40 airports to choose from in the UK, with some offering fine-tuned services for private charter jet passengers.

London Biggin Hill Airport (BQH / EGKB)

London Biggin Hill Airport is probably best known for its annual Festival of Flight, a two-day event that draws in hundreds of guests looking to watch displays from the Breitling Jets Flying Display and RAF Typhoon across the skies. It is also a favourite choice for private jet hire passengers who are seeking a quiet location within easy travelling distance to London. Spanning across 195 acres, the airport is equipped with the luxurious facilities and exceptional service you would expect. It offers some of the lowest landing fees in London, starting at just £150. And, if you are looking to avoid traffic altogether, a helicopter service will take you directly to London Battersea Heliport in under 10 minutes.

London Oxford Airport (OXF)

Situated between the Midlands and the capital, London Oxford Airport has direct access to the M40. This motorway is considered to be one of the least congested in the UK and, therefore, one of the fastest routes for guests travelling into London. The private charter jet hire services can be found in the Oxford Jet FBO, with private lounges offering an array of high-quality food and drinks. Equally, for those looking to explore places like Oxford Castle, Radcliffe Camera or Blenheim Palace, the airport is just a 20-minute drive from Oxford town centre.

London RAF Northolt Airport

Private jet hire offers a level of exclusivity that you deserve to enjoy throughout the duration of your trip. If you want to experience premium travel to the highest degree, London RAF Northolt is the best airport in the UK, also known as the Queen’s Airport. It is just a 20-minute drive from Mayfair and benefits from a team of meteorologists who ensure that every traveller takes the best route to their destination. The spacious and luxurious terminal has high-security and offers direct apron access for discrete visitors. Travel links into the city also allow you to transfer and visit larger cities across the UK easily, including Newcastle and Leeds.

London Luton Airport (LTN / EGGW)

London Luton Airport may be one of the first that comes to mind for commercial flights, but it also offers a whole host of benefits to those seeking private jet travel too. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, passengers can enjoy two dedicated FBOs, smooth check-in and a highly luxurious VIP lounge. The Signature’s Luton FBO has been consistently voted the Best European FBO by Professional Pilot magazine and is recognised for its exceptional range of facilities available for private jet customers. The airport is situated just 35 miles from Central London and is the fifth largest in the UK.

Farnborough Airport

Fully dedicated for private jet hire use, London Farnborough Airport sits in the South West of London, just 35 miles from the city centre. It is renowned for its luxurious lounges, personalised service and maintaining high levels of privacy for every passenger. The accessible runway allows you to drive directly up to your private jet with VIP lounges available for refreshments in between travel. The building itself is award-winning and cost over £100m to build, making it one of the most expensive in the world, not only as a private jet hire airport

Exeter Airport

If you are planning on visiting such sites as Exeter Cathedral or the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter Airport sits just four miles away from the city itself. It is regularly used by those travelling to the famed University and allows you to soak up all the beauty that Devon has to offer. The well-equipped Exeter Corporate Aviation FBO has a VIP lounge offering Wi-Fi and refreshments for all passengers.

Inverness Airport

The Scottish Highlands offer some of the world’s most picturesque views and scenery to its visitors. If you are looking to discover more about this rich location, Inverness Airport sits just eight miles away from the city centre. It serves both commercial and private jet passengers, with two FBOs on-site providing a luxurious experience while you wait. Discover the fortress that is Inverness Castle, search for the elusive beast of Loch Ness or discover native Scottish wildlife at Highland Wildlife Park, all within easy travel from this private jet airport.

Blackpool Airport

Noted as being one of the first aviation sites in the UK, Blackpool Airport has been serving commercial and private jet passengers since 1909. It is the ideal location for passengers looking to discover the beauty of the Lake District, particularly the National Park with its rich wildlife and cultural heritage. With 2 FBOs, Hangar 3 and J-Max Air, the airport has VIP lounges to relax in before a flight and direct apron access for discrete departures.

Edinburgh Airport

Originally built as a British airbase during World War I, Edinburgh Airport is one of the fastest growing in the UK. It is an ideal landing spot to explore the east of Scotland. Discover the ancestral home of Scottish Monarchs in The Kingdom of Fife or exotic creatures at the award-winning Edinburgh Zoo. The airport is just eight miles from the city centre with a Signature FBO offering coffee services and an exclusive lounge.

Private jet hire is the perfect way to travel around the UK and discover everything that the country has to offer. Allowing you to avoid traffic, spend time exclusively with loved ones and enjoy life’s little luxuries, here at Starr Luxury Jets, we can pair you with the perfect private plane to suit your needs. Speak to our expert team today and learn how we can help turn any trip into a memorable experience with our luxury jet charter services. Our expert team will also suggest the private jet hire airport in the UK for you to land that fits in with your itinerary

Private Jet Airport

The Best Airports in London For Private Jet Hire Travellers

Private jet hire is one of life’s luxuries, there to save you time and offer comfort. Taking you across the world on your own, with loved ones or as part of an important business trip, private jets allow you to relax before arriving at your destination without complication. For many, London is the city of choice, offering a host of historic attractions, a wealth of restaurants and the opportunity for business growth around every corner. There are 14 private jet airports in London that allow you to enjoy this exclusive luxury throughout the duration of your journey. Although they all offer a host of benefits for your personal or business use, each one tops the list for a different reason.

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