Attend Art Basel by Private Jet

art basel private jet hire

Attend Art Basel by Private Jet: Luxury Travel Centred Around the Annual Art Fair

Art Basel is an annual international art exhibition which showcases thousands of artists’ work, allowing private collectors, Museums, and dealers from around the world to browse, view and purchase pieces. Art Basel has become the biggest contemporary art fair in the world and now holds annual events in Basel, Miami, and Hong Kong, with each helping esteemed local and international galleries and artists to showcase works. Art Basel features modern pieces including art on paper, sculptures, and installations and these are updated each year to make way for exciting new artists. Whilst visitors attend Art Basel by private jet primarily to discover and purchase new pieces, the fair has also become well-known for unmissable nightlife, live performances, and art masterclasses.

art basel private jet hire

Private Jet Hire for Art Basel

The original art fair, Art Basel in Basel is the most well-attended event with over 90,000 guests visiting in June each year. For those looking to attend to purchase, private jet hire for Art Basel is an excellent form of transport. Not only will you arrive at the fair at exactly the time you wish, you can arrange to leave on the same day or stay for the full three-day event as per your preference. A return private jet flight to Art Basel also allows you to take any purchases home with you without needing to make any additional travel queries.

Basel-Mulhouse Freiburg Airport is located just a 15-minute drive away from the exhibition centre, allowing you to make a quick and easy entrance to the show. This airport features a full-length runway, permitting you to choose from any of our private jets for hire, including small private jets ideal for travelling in from London and other areas of Europe to long range private jets, perfect for those attending from Asia and the USA.

For those looking to attend Art Basel by private jet from London, this is a short flight of around an hour and can be completed by our Cessna 510 Mustang. Up to four passengers can be comfortably accommodated onboard, allowing you to travel alone or with a family or small group. Although the Cessna 510 Mustang is a small private jet, it benefits from the features of a larger jet, providing plenty of legroom and facilities to enjoy refreshments. 57 cubic feet of storage provides the ideal area to transport back any pieces of artwork and the cabin space can also be utilised for larger items.

art basel private jet hire

Private Jet Hire for Art Basel Miami Beach

In the 2000s, Art Basel expanded to host a second annual show in Miami Beach, Florida. Taking place each December over a further three days, private jet hire for Art Basel, Miami Beach allows attendees to take full control of their flight schedule, arriving at and leaving the event exactly as you wish. Hiring a private jet for Art Basel Miami Beach not only allows you to return home with any new contemporary art you’ve acquired to add to a personal collection but also gives you the freedom to choose when you fly and allowing you to attend any extra events or nightlife that Art Basel has become synonymous with.

Miami International Airport is located just a 20-minute drive away from the exhibition centre but for those who prefer a more direct route or wish to have their attendance kept as discreet as possible, Miami Beach helicopter charters can be arranged in advance.

Another busy airport with a full-length runway, clients can select from any sized aircraft. For those looking for Art Basel Miami Beach private jet hire from London or Europe, we recommend the Bombardier Global 5000, a truly luxurious model which can cross the Atlantic Ocean with ease. With space for up to 13 passengers as well as 195 cubic feet of storage space, this is an excellent choice should you be considering acquiring larger artworks. The tranquil cabin space is modern and simple, allowing you to relax, dine or work as you wish without ever feeling that you’ve left the ground.

art basel private jet hire

Private Jet Hire for Art Basel Hong Kong

The latest of the fairs, Art Basel in Hong Kong has been gaining traction since 2013 and is now almost as well attended as the original Basel exhibition. Also spanning over three days, Art Basel Hong Kong takes place in March every year, again offering enthusiasts and collectors the chance to own an esteemed piece. Private jet hire for Art Basel Hong Kong can be arranged as a return flight on the same day if you’re travelling in from a nearby area or an overnight return if you’re travelling from further afield. Alternatively, if you wish to stay for the full three days and embrace the additional events, that can be easily accommodated as well.

Hong Kong International Airport is the closest to the exhibition, located approximately 30 minutes away by car. Alternatively, if you would like a more direct route, we can organise Art Basel Hong Kong helicopter transfers, taking you directly to the venue in under half the time. Clients can choose any private jet to land at Hong Kong International Airport, from medium private jets which are ideal to fly in from other areas in Asia, to large airliners which can carry large groups of passengers across the continents.

For those looking for a medium private jet to hire for Art Basel Hong Kong, we recommend the Cessna Citation XLS. One of the bestselling business jets of all-time, this stunning luxury jet can seat up to nine passengers, whilst providing additional storage space to accommodate any purchases. A range of around 2000 nautical miles allows for flights of up to two hours, providing passengers from the surrounding areas of Asia with an unbeatable way to reach Art Basel.

To charter a private jet for Art Basel you may use our simple online booking form, providing us with your details. We will then use our network of global flight operators to source the ideal model and create a bespoke flight schedule and full quote for your approval. Should you need any further assistance, our expert flight team are on hand to discuss.

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