Summer Holiday Private Jet Destinations – Malaysia

Malaysia Summer Holiday Private Jet Hire

Travel to Malaysia By Private Jet: Luxury Vacations of Natural Beauty for Private Jet Flyers

Malaysia is a popular holiday destination for private jet travellers as it is a destination which has it all. Whether you wish to be submerged into inner-city life, relax on a beach, or escape to one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests, Malaysia caters to all. Located on the equator in the Indian Ocean, Malaysia doesn’t have the normal four seasons. Instead, the tropical weather occurs all year round, offering highs of up to 33° for twelve months of the year. Of course, the tropical climate also comes with heavy rainfall which means the best time to visit Malaysia is from June to August or December to January, the perfect private jet winter getaway.

Malaysia is split in two and separated by the South China Sea, creating areas known as West Malaysia and East Malaysia. Both offer travellers the chance to explore, experience new cultures and view some of the most beautiful natural areas in the world. West Malaysia is more developed, containing the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and its financial district although areas of forest and untouched beaches do still exist. East Malaysia on the other hand is much more untouched, perhaps more of a choice for those seeking adventure and the chance to see rare wildlife in its natural habitat. Both areas have many airports, allowing us to offer luxury private jet flights to Malaysia from thousands of airports around the world.

Malaysia Summer Holiday Private Jet Hire

Where to Go: The Best Private Jet Airports in Malaysia

As such a large area of South East Asia, Malaysia has around 40 airports, comprising of international and domestic airports as well as smaller airfields which allow you to get to the area of your choice quickly and easily via private jet.

Kuala Lumpur Airport is the busiest airport in Malaysia, located in Peninsular Malaysia. Ideal for those looking to visit the capital city, this airport also gets you close enough to visit the white sandy beaches of Redang, the Batu Caves and the historical George Town. With the longest runway in Malaysia, you may select any form of aircraft, from the highly luxurious medium private jets to the much larger regional airliners for hire, which can accommodate even the largest of groups. For those travelling in from Europe and further afield, we recommend the Cessna Citation C750 X, an award-winning aircraft which is famed for its top speeds and long range and has a luxury interior with room for up to eight passengers.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport is located on the North coast of Malaysian Borneo, offering private jet passengers the chance to explore the untouched areas the country has to offer. Private beaches and reserves are in close proximity and the clear waters are often favoured by those looking to snorkel. An exclusive private jet airport allows travellers to pass through the airport quickly and discreetly, avoiding busy areas and long waiting times. As a popular international airport, private jets of any size can be flown here. For long-distance flights, we recommend the Bombardier Global 6000, which can get you from London to Malaysia directly, whilst ensuring you are kept supremely comfortable in opulent surroundings. For those looking to get to the more remote areas of East Malaysia, we can organise private helicopter charter in Malaysia, with your aircraft waiting on the runway for you to board.

Langkawi International Airport allows for private flights from London, Europe or any other area in the world directly to the island of Langkawi, which is off the coast of West Malaysia. One of over a hundred Malaysian islands, private jet travellers may like to choose this as their destination as it offers the chance to travel between the different islands, witnessing Asian wildlife and taking in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Although an island, the airport accommodates all aircraft from small prop planes to large airliners, giving you the freedom to select the private jet which best suits you and your party. For those travelling from one of the smaller islands, we recommend the Beach Queen Air, a small but well-equipped prop plane that allows up to ten passengers to enjoy a cold drink whilst travelling small distances.

Malaysia Summer Holiday Private Jet Hire

Where to Stay: Luxury Hotels and Private Villas in Malaysia

One of the most beautiful destinations to visit with private jet hire, Malaysia is packed full of luxury hotels and private villas which offer five-star service and unbeatable scenery.

Belum Rainforest Resort is your gateway to nature and can be found on Banding Island, five hours North of Kuala Lumpur Airport. Instead of the lengthy drive, private helicopter transfers can be booked, taking you directly to the resort as soon as you touch down. Accommodation includes private villas, houseboats and executive rooms which guarantee superb views of the surrounding lakes. Ideal for those who appreciate nature in its purest form and perfect for those travelling by private jet as a family, guests can expect rafting, kayaking and elephant spotting amongst the resort’s usual activities.

For a more relaxing experience, the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is located in the Perak region of Malaysia, just a 20-minute drive from Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. A five-star luxury spa resort, the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat allows you to experience the natural wellness associated with geothermal hot springs, natural caves, and jungle walks. An idyllic destination for couples, guests can expect a la carte dining, first class service and one of the most beautiful locations to unwind. A bespoke wellness program can be created on your request, ensuring you leave feeling rejuvenated, having had the best in terms of diet whilst following a tailored exercise plan, complimented by natural therapies.

On the quiet island of Langkawi, The Andaman Hotel offers five-star accommodation in a highly desirable location. Nestled between ancient rainforest and a coral reef, guests can expect to experience one of the most luxurious, beautiful getaways in the world. Sample the local flavours of Langkawi whilst dining in the resort’s four top restaurants, take a break in the spa or spend the day on the golf course as you please. Guests can also choose to stay in a presidential suite overlooking both the clear blue seas and vivid green rainforests, with the chance to see some of the indigenous wildlife from the comfort of your own room.

Malaysia Summer Holiday Private Jet Hire

What to Do: Luxury Experiences and the Places to Visit in Malaysia

A diverse country with an amazing backdrop, there is plenty of opportunity to have amazing once in a lifetime experiences in Malaysia. Whilst the opportunity is there to relax on the beach, Malaysia is home to some of the rarest wildlife and stunning natural scenery which is completely unmissable if travelling there.

For the adventurous, Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia and can be found on the North coast of East Malaysia. At 4,000 metres tall but with a terrain that is surprisingly smooth, Mount Kinabalu offers even those with little or no experience of climbing the opportunity to reach the top. Once you have reached the peak, you are guaranteed one of the best views to be found in the world.

For wildlife lovers or families, Malaysia is one of the best destinations to see exotic animals in their natural habitat. Danum Valley Conservation Area is in an ancient tropical forest and gives visitors the opportunity to see wildlife such as orangutans, elephants, and turtles either in their natural surroundings or through their rehabilitation centre. Orangutans and some of the other rare wildlife can only be found in South East Asia, making this a truly unmissable and unique experience for any explorer.

As well as the unmissable natural elements of Malaysia, there is ample opportunity to sample Asian fine dining. Atmosphere 360 is a highly modern revolving restaurant in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, which offers guests a unique experience of dining in the skies whilst taking in breath-taking views.

In Malaysia, you can find a unique offering of world-class luxury in untouched, natural surroundings. Unbeatable points of natural beauty, a rich history and some of the world’s most phenomenal rainforests, this is an excellent private jet destination for those who love to explore. For those residing in the UK, London to Malaysia private jet flights can save you travelling time, taking you across the world on a direct trip. Just as you will receive five-star service once you arrive in Malaysia, our private jet clients can also expect it from the moment they arrive at the airport. To charter a private jet to Malaysia, you may make use of our simple online booking form. Providing us with the starting point and ideal dates and times of your journey, we will then use our global network of flight operators to secure the ideal aircraft for you and your party. We pride ourselves on unforgettable service and our team will be on hand to ensure you have the best holiday with a private jet flight to Malaysia.

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