Summer Holiday Private Jet Destinations – Africa

Africa Summer Holiday Private Jet Hire

Travel to Africa By Private Jet: Luxury Sailing Holidays for Private Jet Flyers

A five-star sailing holiday offers families, couples, and groups a unique way to sightsee across the world. With the freedom of a luxury yacht or sailing boat, travellers can either choose to embrace their sense of adventure, hopping between islands and taking full control of the schedule or sit back and relax, enjoying freshly caught seafood and stunning views whilst an onboard crew take care of the navigation. Regardless of your preference, Africa and the East coast islands offer stunning views, clear, warm water, and seven months of hot weather, perfect for vacations in the summer or winter. And hundreds of airports across the continent allow you to select the perfect private jet flights to Africa, arriving feeling refreshed and ready to explore the open water.

The East coast of Africa borders the Indian Ocean, with several small islands to visit, each offering an unforgettable first-class visit. Whether you wish to make the journey across the sea by sailing boat from the mainland or start your luxury sailing experience from one of the islands, there are many airports which you can fly to in Africa by private jet, each easily accessible with a wide range of small to large private jets. The most popular African islands include the Seychelles, Comoros Islands, Madagascar, and Zanzibar, each providing individuals and families with a beautiful holiday destination. The best times to visit are between the months of June to October and January to February when rains are low and the sun is at its peak, allowing for both summer holidays and out of season vacations.

Africa Summer Holiday Private Jet Hire

Where to Go: The Best Private Jet Airports in Africa

R. Tambo International Airport is the most popular airport to travel to in Africa, located just 20 minutes away from South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg. For those looking for private jet hire to Africa, this is a popular option as direct flights can be chartered from six continents. And as a large international airport with a long runway, passengers can choose any sized aircraft, from our small private jets to our large airliners, each offering the exclusivity and comfort that a commercial flight cannot. For South Africa private jet hire from London or Europe, we recommend a long-range private jet such as the Bombardier Global 7500, a highly modern aircraft with a comfortable and contemporary cabin design, guaranteeing between 14 and 17 passengers an unbeatable flight experience. O.R. Tambo International is a little too far to reach the East Coast by car, but for those who want to stop of and visit South Africa, connecting private flights and private helicopter charters are also available, taking you as close to your destination as possible whilst heavily reducing transfer times.

Made up of 115 islands, the Seychelles offer one of the most exclusive, luxurious destinations in which to enjoy a sailing trip. Seychelles International Airport is located on the largest island of Mahé, an excellent starting point to begin island hopping. Having become a popular destination for luxury holidays, private jet flights to Seychelles are readily accessible, with many travellers opting for private helicopter charters to the smaller private island resorts. Despite its small size, this airport also has a full-length runway, allowing passengers to choose from small prop planes ideal for island transfers to regional airliners, able to transport up to 100 people in a single flight. To hire a private jet to the Seychelles, flying from Europe or London, we recommend our long-range private jets which can travel phenomenal distances in a single trip. The Gulfstream G650 is an excellent choice, providing one of the most exclusive interiors with exceptional range and speed capabilities as well as seating for up to 15 passengers.

Julius Nyerere International Airport in Tanzania is another brilliant destination for those wishing to explore the African East coast. Just a short 30-minute drive from the beach, private jet travellers can choose to charter a private yacht or sailing boat, visiting a number of beautiful islands including Zanzibar which is well within sailing distance. Also with a full-length runway, travellers can choose from any of our aircraft, including the most popular, highly luxurious medium private jets available for charter. For those travelling from Dubai and the Middle East, we recommend the BAe Hawker 900, a mid-sized jet with formidable range capabilities and outstanding levels of comfort, ideal for groups of up to eight.

The Comoros Islands offer further beautiful views whilst sailing in the warm Indian Ocean. Situated between Tanzania and Madagascar, private jet hire to Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport offers travellers the opportunity to take a direct flight before exploring the unique surrounding islands. Whilst the runway is full-length this airport is better suited to small and medium private jet hire due to landing conditions. We recommend the Cessna C550 Citation Bravo for a sumptuously comfortable trip. Including executive seating for up to seven, families and small groups can relax onboard whilst making a medium-range trip to the Comoros Island for a luxury sailing experience.

Africa Summer Holiday Private Jet Hire Africa Yacht

Where to Stay: Luxury Yachts Available to Charter in Tanzania and the African Islands

Chartering a luxury yacht offers travellers the chance to explore Africa away from built-up areas or regions that may have been altered to suit tourism. With so many islands on the African East coast, you will be undertaking the original form of travel, just as residents continue to do today.

The best luxury yachts offer unbeatable, first-class accommodation with cooled rooms, and areas to lounge and dine both above and below deck. Depending on requirements, you can select the latest models which include the latest technology and equipment, ensuring your African sailing trip remains luxurious from the moment you reach the airport.

Africa Summer Holiday Private Jet Hire Africa Sailing

What to Do: Luxury Experiences and the Best Places to Sail in Africa

The Zanzibar Archipelago are a group of islands steeped in history. Whether you like to learn and soak up the culture as you travel or you’re searching for untouched golden beaches, a luxury sailing vacation in Zanzibar will see you venture through coral reefs and clear, deep water. Take the opportunity to swim with dolphins, scuba dive or fish in absolute paradise and on some of the smaller islands, you may even find yourself completely alone for an unbeatable level of exclusivity. Whilst stopping off, you also have the opportunity to see some of the natural wildlife, with monkeys, dwarf hippos and giant turtle often spotted here.

The Seychelles are largely untouched islands, offering travellers an exclusive experience with some of the most scenic views in the world. Travellers have the chance to create lifelong memories with activities including swimming with whale shark, fishing for tuna or windsurfing in the warm waters. Thick natural forest areas are also home to rare wildlife, giving you the opportunity to see animals or plants which you may never see again. Voted as one of the best places for a luxury sailing trip, the picturesque Seychelles can be visited all year round, allowing you to enjoy a private beach barbeque whether you’re on a summer or winter vacation.

The Comoros Islands remain relatively untouched, inviting you to immerse yourself into a new culture which has not been altered by tourism. An active volcano, a ‘bottomless’ saltwater lake and a rich history can all be found amongst the backdrop of white sands, vivid, bright colours and a busy way of life. As well as scuba diving, the Comoros Islands are also known to be frequented with humpback whales, which you have an opportunity to see in the summer months. Sea turtles lay their eggs in Itsamia, a village on the South East shore of Mwali, on a daily basis, another fantastic opportunity that you may experience whilst sailing around the African Islands.

If you’re looking for a luxury sailing trip and perhaps a new itinerary which guarantees once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the East coast of Africa and its islands are a fantastic choice. With so many airports to choose from, we can get you to your destination quickly and comfortably, allowing you to relax whilst minimising the time spent in the air and maximising the time spent at sea. To charter a private jet to Africa and any of the surrounding islands, you may use our simple online booking form. Our expert team will create a bespoke flight schedule based on your requirements, offering suggestions for suitable aircraft and work with you to ensure that your private jet hire experience becomes a memorable part of your luxury vacation.

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