Lightweight private jet designed for short-haul journeys
Diamond DA-62

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Diamond DA62 Jet Specifications

Seats 5
Speed 197 mph
Range 1283 miles
Cabin Length 3.9 m
Cabin Height 1.3 m
Cabin Width 1.4 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, the Diamond DA62 is a twin-engine light aircraft suitable for short to mid-haul trips. An ideal choice for smaller travelling parties and those seeking a truly unique experience, it allows you to discover exactly why so many people choose private air travel. This jet gives you the ability to bypass queues, personalise your experience to the finest detail and discover corners of the globe that may have been inaccessible in the past. Take to the skies in the airborne equivalent of a luxury SUV and make memories to last a lifetime.

This fuel-efficient model is favoured for its flexible cabin interior. Whether you’re travelling as a couple or in groups of up to 5 people, it affords you the ability to create a comfortable and spacious travelling environment. Three of the seats sit directly behind the pilot which offers you a unique viewing experience – ideal when taking in the beauty of many iconic spots throughout the world. You also have the option to add in 2 more seats in the rear of the cabin which fold down when unused and provide additional storage space instead.

There is also a keen focus on practicality within the Diamond DA62. Baggage space is available, both in the aircraft nose and also inside the cabin too. This means you’ll be able to take your cherished DSLR camera or laptop along with easy access during the flight. Equally, those outfits you had pegged as perfect for your island or city break no longer need to go through the process of elimination. Pack bags that allow you to tick everything off of your dream itinerary list without worrying about excess charges or storage issues.

Comfort & Size

This popular aircraft can cruise at speeds of 174kts and offers a full range of 1283. This means that, even if you’re travelling at full capacity, you’ll still be able to travel a decent distance without the need for refuelling. The interior affords you a truly luxurious experience with colour-coded leather throughout and plush seating to keep you comfortable for the entire flight. Large windows on either side give you clear views of your surroundings while large doors make it easy to slot yourself into the perfect spot. Overall, the attention to detail with the DA62’s manufacture means you’ll appreciate the extra-large cabin, touch of luxury and the ability to redefine air travel specifically for your own party.

Additional Information

Starr Luxury Jets brings the world’s leading private jets for hire directly to you today. Whether travelling for business, leisure or other means, these aircraft create an experience that has to be felt to be believed. For the next journey on your schedule, choose to upgrade and immerse yourself in premium flying from take-off to landing. If you are ready to hire the Diamond DA62 for your flight, we have an online quotation service available on our website. If you have any questions, queries or would like to discuss bespoke requirements, our experienced team are always on hand to assist.

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If you are considering hiring a Diamond DA62 private jet for your next journey, we have an online quotation system available on the Starr Luxury Jets website. Additionally, our professional team is on hand to help with all enquiries. From bespoke travel itineraries, custom flight paths or specific requirements for the comfort of your party, we can help you transform the next flight in your calendar into something you won’t forget. Contact the team here today for more information.