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Beechcraft Queen Air

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Beechcraft Queen Air Jet Specifications

Seats 11
Speed 183 mph
Range 1055 miles
Cabin Length 5.2 m
Cabin Height 1.84 m
Cabin Width 1.8 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The Beechcraft Queen Air is a highly reliable small prop plane, offering a cost-effective option for short private flights. Made by one of the most famous aircraft manufacturers in the world, the Queen Air features impeccable design standards combined with excellent short flight capabilities. A versatile and efficient small prop plane, the Beechcraft Queen Air can comfortably seat between six and 11 passengers, offering a comfortable space to enjoy flying in complete privacy. A maximum range of 1055 nautical miles allows groups to fly privately from Toronto to Texas or London across the UK and across Europe.

Available with a variety of seating configurations, the Beechcraft Queen Air is most popular with a six-seat layout, featuring comfortable, ergonomic individual seats. Upholstered in fine quality leathers, passengers can make use of adjustable armrests and wide chairs for superb levels of comfort. Leg and head space is at a premium and seat tracking facilities allow you to customise the space to suit your requirements, creating further room as required. The versatile environment would suit both personal and corporate clients, providing a clean and fresh space in which you can socialise, host business briefings, or enjoy personal time as you wish.

Six small windows allow for just the right amount of natural light for a bright atmosphere whilst providing unmissable views over land and sea. Models feature large folding tables, creating a space in which you can work or rest the morning paper whilst a separate area allows you to prepare and serve hot, cold, and alcoholic drinks. Low operating costs and a range of design and equipment updates make the Beechcraft Queen Air a brilliant choice of private jet hire for small groups and, for those who wish to travel as a larger group, alternative layouts are available, providing enough seating for up to 11 passengers.

Comfort & Size

Considering the small size of the prop plane, its storage facilities are quite impressive. 48 cubic feet of luggage space provides plenty of room for each passenger to travel with luggage and essentials and the spacious cabin allows for further storage of personal devices. The Beechcraft Queen Air is one of the best private jets to hire for frequent flying, tackling distances which would take eight hours to drive in as little as an hour and a half. It also has the advantage of being able to take off from and land at small, local airports with shorter runways, giving you the flexibility to travel between thousands of worldwide airports which aren’t usually reached by commercial flight.

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Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

A brilliant small prop plane for private flying over a small distance, the Beechcraft Queen Air is an efficient and comfortable choice. To charter a Beechcraft Queen Air, you may use our online booking form, providing our expert team with the details of your desired trip. We will create a bespoke flight schedule to suit your plans and handle any special requests through our global network of flight operators and industry contacts, striving to provide the best private jet hire service in the world.

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