Private Jet Hire for Skiing Trips

Skiing Holiday Private Jet Hire

Private Jet Hire for Skiing Trips: The Best Ski Resorts by Private Jet and Helicopter

Whether the mountains are calling, or you wish to take some time away from the ordinary, seeking adventure and fun, skiing trips offer an excellent way to let off some steam. From Europe to North America and even in Japan, there are thousands of ski resorts across the world, each waiting to be tackled and triumphed. Whether you’re an expert or novice, for many travellers private jet hire for skiing trips offers a quick and easy way to reach your destination, bypassing lengthy waiting times and connecting flights, and reaching smaller airports to get you closer to your chosen resort. For more remote resorts, private helicopter transfers are also available, allowing you to spend less time travelling and more time on the slopes.

Skiing Holiday Private Jet Hire

How to Travel: Why You Should Hire a Private Jet for a Skiing Trip

There are many benefits to hiring a private jet for a skiing trip. As well as drastically reducing travelling times by arranging direct flights, you have much more freedom in the amount of luggage you can travel with. Whilst skiing equipment may not always be accommodated on a commercial flight without additional requests and fees, private jet hire for skiing trips allows you to bring onboard almost anything you wish. Though of course private jet storage facilities do have some limitations, in most cases anything additional can be kept within the cabin space itself, allowing you to relax and unwind without stress.

The freedom to choose between any sized aircraft, from small prop planes to large airliners, gives you the opportunity to travel to any airport in the world. Whilst commercial flights only land in certain airports with large enough runways, you can reduce your travelling time by opting for a small prop plane or a small private jet which can get you to the closest airport to your chosen ski resort. Not only does this cut down on your transfer time, you save further time by eliminating the need to wait for luggage or go through lengthy security processes. Private jet passengers can benefit from a streamlined procedure, safely and securely getting you to your destination without queues or hold-ups. Comparing the waiting and travel time of a commercial flight to a private flight shows that you can save up to 80%, both suiting young families and allowing you to spend more time skiing.

Rather than having to work around commercial flight schedules, we create your flight schedule to work around you. Many of the airports around popular ski resorts allow for private jet take-offs and landings 24 hours a day, so whether it suits you best to arrive at midday or fly overnight, we can accommodate, allowing you to fulfil your skiing trip itinerary exactly as you wish.

If your chosen ski resort does not have a private jet airport, transfer time can still be heavily reduced with the use of private helicopter charters.

Skiing Holiday Private Jet Hire

Helicopter Charters: Direct Transfers to Ski Resorts

Private helicopter charters can be an excellent option to get you to your ski resort as quickly as possible. With many luxury ski resorts having the space to land a helicopter, you can travel from the closest airport in less than half the time it would take to drive. We work with a worldwide network of helicopter flight operators, allowing us to find the perfect aircraft to suit the size of your group, any luggage including ski equipment, and the distance you need to travel. Book a helicopter transfer with us at the same time as you book private jet hire and we can ensure that your helicopter is waiting on the runway as you arrive, in some cases taking hours off your overall travelling time. Not only do helicopter charters offer the most direct route to your ski resort, you can also benefit from stunning views, enjoying an airborne tour of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world before you’ve even reached them.

Skiing Holiday Private Jet Hire

Where to Go: The Best Ski Resorts to Reach with Private Jet Hire

Over 5000 dedicated ski resorts can be found worldwide, some with quick travel links and easily accessible drives, others more remote requiring transfer by helicopter. Here, we take a look at some of the most popular ski resorts and regions and how you can reach them with private jet hire.

The Best Ski Resorts in Canada

Whistler Blackcomb is Canada’s most popular ski resort and often considered the best place to ski in the world. Spread across the two mountains with easy transportation from the top, you can move from peak to peak experiencing both quickly and easily. Here you can find over 200 trails, with dedicated areas for beginners, families, and more experienced skiers. The best times to visit Whistler Blackcomb to ski are between December and March when the temperature is at its lowest and snowfall at its greatest. The closest airport is Vancouver International Airport, where guests can arrive in any size private jet, from small private jets ideal for travelling from the USA and other parts of Canada, to long-range private jets which are perfect for taking a longer flight from Europe. The airport is approximately two hours away from the Whistler Blackcomb resort, but Canada helicopter transfers allow you to cut the journey time down, whilst also enjoying breath-taking views of some of the world’s highest peaks.

The Best Ski Resorts in Europe

Courchevel is the largest ski area in the Alps, situated on the French border and featuring 600km of slopes. The summits offer spectacular panoramic views whilst trails have been developed for all levels of skier. Made up of seven resorts, you have the freedom to explore vast open areas with snow guaranteed from December to April. The closest airport is Geneva International Airport, allowing you to travel in any aircraft, from medium private jets perfect for travelling from other areas of Europe to regional airliners, carrying a large group a short distance. The airport is only 190km away from Courchevel, giving you the opportunity to complete your journey with car transfers or helicopter charter. Alternatively, as one of the most luxurious ski resorts in the world, Courchevel also has its own airfield, allowing you to arrive in small prop plane before either skiing down to your chalet or receiving a chauffeur service.

Further south features Les Deux Alpes, an excellent ski resort for beginners. Compared to other resorts designed for those taking to the slopes for the first time, this ski resort features easier courses further up the mountains, allowing you to enjoy splendid views as you go. This allows you to soak up unforgettable views without needing to be a seasoned skier, a firm favourite for those with young families. Grenoble Isere Airport is the closest to reach the popular resort, although the transfer time by car is approximately two hours. Also featuring a full length runway, to save time guests can choose to charter a private jet to the Alps, requesting helicopter transfers to be waiting at the airport which allow you to complete your journey much more quickly.

Zermatt ski resort in Switzerland is another unmissable destination for a ski trip, with 350km of trails and slopes, allowing you to be as active as you’d like. One of the reasons it is most popular is the constant backdrop of the Matterhorn peak, which can be seen from almost anywhere on the slopes. Containing a mixture of trails to suit a range of abilities, Zermatt ski resort also has something new to offer to experienced skiers. The Haute Route is an eight-day trail covering 178km and travelling down to Chamonix, stopping off at cabins and lodges along the way. The nearest airport to Zermatt is Geneva International Airport, although Zurich Airport is also a popular choice, including multiple private jet terminals and the ability to fly in any sized aircraft. The four hour transfer time can be cut short with Zurich helicopter charter or opting for private jet hire to Sion Airport, allowing you to spend more time out on the mountains.

Private jet hire for skiing trips is an excellent option for those who wish to save time and accommodate excess luggage and ski equipment whilst remaining in opulent luxury. Sit back and relax as you soar over beautiful mountains and natural scenery, before arriving at your chosen ski resort and taking to the slopes as quickly as possible. With most airports accommodating all sized aircraft, you have the freedom to select the model which best suits your group’s needs.

Enjoy hot food and refreshing beverages onboard, watch a film, catch up on the news or simply take in the surroundings, safe in the knowledge that you are spending less time travelling. To charter a private jet for a skiing trip, you may make use of our simple online booking form, allowing us to create a bespoke flight schedule and send a full quote for your approval. It is often said that ‘a pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom’, private jet hire just helps you to experience that faster.

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