Advice for First-Time Private Jet Travellers

Advice for First-Time Private Jet Travellers Private jet hire

The Best Advice for First-Time Private Jet Guests

Flying by private jet is undoubtedly the most luxurious form of travel in the world. Whilst the first thing that may come to mind is that it offers the ability to relax in complete privacy with a selected group, there are many other benefits, some perhaps not as well known. The opportunity to create a bespoke flight schedule, a customised menu, avoid waiting times and bypass lengthy security processes; the benefits really are endless.

But if you have had the pleasure of being invited onboard a private jet flight for the first time, there are certain rules and standards you should follow to ensure you have the best possible experience and always remain respectful. Whether your host is chartering a private jet or owns one, these remain the same. Here are our top ten pieces of advice for those travelling on a private jet for the first time.

Advice for First-Time Private Jet Travellers Private jet hire

Remember that a private flight is just as safe

Private flights are just as safe as commercial flights. Whilst the ground security procedures are a lot faster, the same rules apply for what you can and can’t bring onboard. Your pilots and crew will be highly experienced and qualified to the same standards as those onboard a commercial flight, your aircraft will have gone through the same safety tests and procedures and you have the added benefit of knowing everybody on board. You can even take the opportunity to meet your flight crew for added peace of mind so there is no need to be scared, flying by private jet is a wonderful experience.

Be aware of luggage capacity

One of the biggest perks of travelling by private jet is the near limitless storage space. Internal and external cargo space depends on the aircraft model and, as the only passengers onboard, the cabin space can always be used should you need more. However, as a guest you should be mindful and not take advantage. Travel only with what you need and don’t just assume you can turn up with everything you own. Should you need to bring a large amount of luggage, always check with your host in advance.

Remember your ID

Many people assume that when you’re flying by private jet you don’t need identification. Whilst you do have the benefit of avoiding long waiting times and security procedures on the ground, you still need valid ID to travel. Depending on where you’re travelling from, this is usually a driver’s license for domestic trips or a passport for international flights.

Don’t drive right up to the aircraft

Many airports do allow private jet passengers to drive or be driven onto the runway and right up to the aircraft steps. However, as a guest onboard a host’s private jet don’t just assume you can do that too. All private jet passengers can park directly outside the private jet terminal and this still allows you to get through security and to the aircraft on time, without the need for transfers from the carpark. On that note, make sure you actually go directly to the private jet terminal. It’s not uncommon for first-time private jet flyers to make their way to a main airport terminal, expecting to receive a fast-track security process.

Arrive on time

Another huge benefit of flying by private jet is the ability to create your own flight schedule. However, of course your host will have created his or her schedule in advance and you need to stick to it. This will have been agreed and cleared at a specific time to ensure it fits around the airport agenda and missing your take-off time will not make you very popular. Arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes before departure to ensure your party can take off on time.

Wait to select your seat

Usually there aren’t allocated seats on private jet flights but don’t rush in; as your host has paid for the private jet, understandably they get to choose where to sit first. You probably don’t want to create an awkward situation either where you are being asked to move by the host or you’ve forced him or her to take the next best option, just be patient. There’s no such thing as a bad seat on a private jet anyway.

Be respectful of the flight crew

The flight crew’s main priority is to keep you and your fellow passengers safe. Always listen to everything they say and remember that they are not there simply to serve you drinks.

Have a drink with your host but don’t overdo it

Whilst the drinks may be free flowing, always follow the lead of your host. Alcoholic drinks on private planes still need to be served by the flight crew so don’t think about helping yourself. And pay attention to what your host is doing, allowing him or her to order a drink first. The same can be said with regards to meals, unlike commercial flights, private jet passengers can choose exactly when they wish to eat. But again, follow the lead of your host and let them set the tone. And, if you’re giving the host a gift or bringing your own alcohol, always avoid red wine. Some flight operators don’t allow red wine due to the stains which can occur from spillages and you definitely don’t want to be the one responsible for that accident.

But, if you wish to bypass all of the above and hire a private jet yourself, please use our online booking form. Allowing you to create your own rules, our expert team will find the perfect jet based on your criteria and work with you to create a bespoke schedule based around your travel requirements. There is no request too big or too small, should you have any queries our experienced team will be happy to discuss, utilising our worldwide network of flight operators and industry contacts to accommodate and ensure you have the best private jet hire experience in the world.

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