Flying with Babies and Children by Private Jet

Starr Luxury Jets Flying with babies and children by private jet

Flying with Babies and Children by Private Jet

We understand that flying with a young family or whilst pregnant can sometimes feel daunting or cause additional concerns and stresses during your journey. Whether you’re feeling anxious about the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones or you’re worried about how to keep them entertained on a long flight, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about travelling with babies and children by private jet. The safety and enjoyment of our clients is always our first priority, so we hope this leaves you free to enjoy your private jet hire experience, but we are always on hand to answer any further queries or concerns you may have.

Flying by Private Jet Whilst Pregnant

Is it Safe to Fly by Private Jet While Pregnant?

Your safety is of paramount concern to us and we recommend that you always follow medical advice from your GP, midwife, or health professional. As a general rule, most airlines allow pregnant women to fly freely up to the 28th week of pregnancy, and again up to the 36th week of pregnancy with a note from your doctor which confirms you are safe to travel. Private jet flights tend to follow the same rules, although there is some lenience as long as your doctor has confirmed you are fine to fly.

Regardless of your stage of pregnancy, we highly recommend you carry your pregnancy notes and any medication with you during your flight. Your dedicated flight crew will be on hand to ensure you are kept comfortable and relaxed throughout your journey.

Will I be More Comfortable Flying by Private Jet?

Unlike commercial flights, private jets can offer the additional luxury of high-quality materials, deluxe seating, and optimum space, ensuring you are kept more comfortable throughout your flight. For longer journeys, some models include reclining seats and beds, allowing you to relax in comfort which can be similar to a five-star hotel.

Any catering needs you have while pregnant or flying with babies can be fulfilled if you let us know in advance. Whether there are particular foods or drinks you want to avoid or a certain cuisine that you’ve developed a craving for, we can arrange private jet catering to suit your tastes and cover your health.

Flying with Babies on a Private Jet

At What Age Can My Baby Fly?

There are no strict rules on the age which a baby can fly from. As long as you have a valid passport for you and your baby, you can travel by private jet whenever you are ready. You should always discuss your plans with your GP, midwife, or health professional before travelling and may need a letter from your doctor stating that you are safe to fly if in the first six weeks after birth.

Can I Take Everything I need for My Baby Onboard a Private Jet?

Travelling by private jet offers a greater level of freedom regarding how you board and what you can bring you. With a huge amount of choice in the type of private jet you can hire, you can plan to bring as much or as little luggage as you need. And, by skipping the luggage check-in that you typically find on a commercial airline, you can rest assured that any belongings, luggage, and prams will be well cared for whilst you fly. Or, if you would prefer, you can take a pram or buggy directly onboard with you for added ease.

As with commercial airlines, children under the age of two do not need their own seat on a private jet and are able to sit with you on your lap. For younger babies, we recommend that you bring a travel seat, which you can strap to one of the seats onboard your private jet, offering the same levels of comfort and support which you would find in your car.

Milk and baby food can also be brought onboard your private jet or, if you would prefer, we can arrange for this to be covered along with your catering.

Flying by Private Jet with Children

How Comfortable Will My Child Be Onboard a Private Jet?

One benefit of flying by private jet is the additional space and greater level of comfort and quality. Your children will be kept comfortable throughout the duration of your flight, enjoying reclining seats, luxury upholstery and in some models, beds to allow a good night’s sleep or naptime. For younger children, we recommend that you bring a travel seat for added comfort and support or get in touch with our team who can arrange this as part of your booking.

As you and your family will have the cabin to yourselves, you can always adjust the air temperature to suit, ensuring your environment is kept comfortable throughout. This doesn’t just help to keep children calm and cool, but also offers an additional level of safety, knowing that you can use air conditioning without needing to worry about the spread of Covid-19 amongst other travellers.

Will My Child Be Kept Entertained Onboard a Private Jet?

Many of our private jet models feature high-tech entertainment systems to keep children and teenagers entertained with the latest music, films, and games. Flying with babies on a private jet also allows you to plan and request additional extras to further entertain your children. You may ask to have toys and books waiting onboard and your children can also take the opportunity to meet your pilot for an extra special experience.

Lots of space allows you the freedom to comfort and interact with your children in complete privacy and you may also choose to request specialist catering, dealing with any allergies, intolerances or tastes to ensure every passenger is catered for whilst onboard.

Flying by private jet with children, babies or whilst pregnant should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. To discuss our private jet models available for hire or if you have any further queries, please get in touch with our expert team who are on hand to assist.

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