Covid-19 Cargo Flights: Transport Goods Around the World Quickly and Conveniently

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Covid-19 Cargo Flights: Transport Goods Around the World Quickly and Conveniently

As the world unites in a lockdown period which has now been in force for several weeks, we are seeing some drastic changes and the need for businesses and individuals to send cargo globally is now more apparent than ever. With health services in need of supplies and consumers turning to online shopping for both essential and non-essential goods, we have become reliant on the fast transportation of cargo, to enable our lives to continue as normally as possible. Traditional means are currently in high demand, but Starr Luxury Jets are available to help with the offer of private cargo flight hire service.

Whether you need to fly essential machinery, medical supplies, or critical paperwork, we have access to a worldwide network of flight operators and cargo charter planes. Perfect for time-sensitive deliveries, our cargo flight rental service allows you to get whatever you need to remote destinations, across the country or to the other side of the world. And, with very short lead times, you can ensure the ongoing operations of your business without any disruption. Our private cargo flights are perfect for the automotive and aerospace industries as well as private use and enabling humanitarian aid to continue.

Our cargo flight models available for charter include large custom-built holding areas with rear, nose, and ramp-loading capabilities, ideal for transporting goods large and small. Ranging from medium to airliner sized aircraft, cargo charter planes provide the perfect space for any goods and you can expect quick travel times with flights made directly from and to the destination of your choice. With dozens of different aircraft designs which are purely built for cargo charter, our expert team can advise on the hold size and models available which will suit your needs, helping to arrange the safe and secure logistics of your goods from ground to air.

For smaller, more sensitive cargo, such as highly confidential documents or parcels, we can offer an on-board courier service. Competitively priced, secure, and trackable, we can quickly find an on-board courier with the correct visa needed to hand deliver your goods to any destination in the world. Or, if you need to organise more specialist transport for the safe flight of hazardous goods, we can provide you with the latest guidance on restrictions and regulations, whilst offering the best aircraft and licence available to meet your needs.

Our expert team is on hand and ready to react, finding you the closest aircraft which is suitable for your needs. We will work with you and keep you informed through every step of your private cargo flight hire service booking, providing a seamless service and ensuring you can get your goods from the ground to the air quickly and efficiently. And with a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts, we can ensure that you get a private air cargo service which is cost-effective and professional. Please get in touch with our friendly team, who will be able to provide further information and book cargo flights right away.

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