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The Future of Aviation Post Covid-19: Is the Travel Industry Up in the Air?

The Future of Aviation Post Covid-19: Is the Travel Industry Up in the Air?

Before the threat of Covid-19 hit the UK and the world, the future of aviation was getting really exciting. Industry experts and professionals predicted the step towards a greener and more technologically advanced flight network, including the introduction of electric planes and the usage of AI and robotics. The demand for commercial air transport was expected to rise on average 4.3% per year over the next twenty years, with more and more people travelling for both business and leisure. And then coronavirus hit the world, and everything seemed to grind to a halt. But what will happen now? Now that borders across the world have been closed, social distancing is in full force and there is currently an undeniable fear amongst travellers.

Most flights have been grounded and we have already seen the collapse of some smaller airlines. British commercial airline, FlyBe, who was in financial troubles before the crisis has now gone into administration. Around the world, Virgin Australia and Air Italy have followed suit. In a bid to restart business, air giant Emirates has begun to conduct Covid-19 tests on passengers, with results available within ten minutes, allowing them to travel safely. EasyJet, on the other hand, has suggested they will be looking into social distancing on flights, transporting a smaller number of passengers to allow for empty seating and a sufficient distance between travellers. Other airlines are thinking of making wearing a mask compulsory and restricting movement once onboard. Of course, with each of these suggestions comes a huge change in flight experience and an inevitable increase in the price of flights.

However, if you want to avoid many of the future regulations and continue to fly safely whilst still enjoying the luxury of air travel, the private aviation industry is looking to become the new norm. Especially as one of the safety aspects we have not seen any logical suggestions for what is the fact that a commercial aircraft cabin is pumped with air conditioning to keep temperatures regulated and the atmosphere fresh. Sharing potentially contaminated air with hundreds of other passengers may be enough to put you off travelling for life. But with private jet hire, not only do you heavily reduce your risk of contaminating or becoming contaminated by any other passenger by travelling solely with your family, friends or colleagues in a spacious interior, private jets are also not bound by as many rules as commercial airlines, even allowing them to travel into and out of airports where traditional airlines are not yet back up and running.

Flying by private jet also has the added benefit of avoiding standing in groups of thousands during the check-in and boarding procedures. Passengers who opt for private jet hire can go through a streamlined security and boarding process, which allows the opportunity to practice safe social distancing at every step, without feeling like very much has changed at all. Not only is the process more secure with much smaller numbers of passengers, the procedures at both your departure and destination airports are much faster, allowing you to quickly retrieve your luggage and continue with your journey. And the price does not have to be extortionate, the cost of private jet hire varies greatly depending on the aircraft, flight route and number of passengers that you are travelling with. With private jet charter models ranging from the basic to the sumptuously luxurious, passengers can keep travel plans and stick within a budget that suits.

With the fate of commercial aviation very up in the air at the moment, private jet hire travel is expected to become more popular with both groups and individuals, travelling for both business and pleasure. In a bid to offer a safe and cost-effective solution to future air travel, private jet operators have been planning ahead, investing lots of money into effective products and scheduling strict cleaning regimes which ensure that after use, an aircraft is made completely safe for the next group of passengers. It has been suggested that private jet hire will no longer be the choice of transport for the elite alone. This is not necessarily a luxury purchase, for passengers who can afford to fly by private jet, this is simply a case of wanting to get to and from destinations without the risk of falling ill. And with commercial airline schedules expected to be much more limited than they were last year, private jet hire allows you the freedom to travel directly to any airport around the world at the time which suits you best. This is the same for both personal and corporate passengers. Whereas private jet hire may have once been reserved for directors and executives of the world’s biggest companies, it has now become one of the most secure ways to transport people for business, allowing you to work to your own personal timetable and letting corporate operations to continue with ease.

We don’t think anyone quite knows the future of aviation following the global pandemic yet, but what we do know is that private flight hire will play a vital role in allowing businesses and families to begin to go back to normal life. Where before the virus we were considering the developments of aviation in terms of advanced technology, we will now have to wait and see simply how the industry will get back off the ground first. If you need to make an essential journey or want to book a trip to look forward to, please get in touch with our expert team who will be able to give you further details on the aircraft we have available for private jet hire. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a worldwide network of private flight operators, we will be able to advise on the latest travel recommendations and rules both in the UK and across the world, allowing you to travel safely and securely as quickly as possible.