NAA/Rockwell Sabreliner 75

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NAA Sabreliner 75 Specifications

Seats 8/10
Speed 562 mph
Range 2284 miles
Cabin Length 6 m
Cabin Height 1.55 m
Cabin Width 1.65 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

With enough space to carry you and up to 7 passengers to your next destination, consider hiring an NAA Sabreliner 75. This spacious and well-designed mid-size jet allows you to take a normal trip and turn it into something extraordinary. Meeting with key clients in Italy, enjoying the breathtaking scenery in Switzerland or travelling even further afield are all events made significantly more enjoyable when you choose to travel in style. And the Sabreliner 75 has all the design benefits and construction focuses to help you do just that.

With a refined model design from its prototype, this luxury business jet allows you to benefit from more speed and a large, spacious cabin. Using a crew of just 2, you and your travelling party will be able to experience roomy seating and ample legroom designed for comfort. The luxurious leather chairs can be configured to suit your needs, with swivel features and adjustable armrests. Fold-down tables allow those travelling for corporate means to touch base with employees or send final emails to confirm business meet times.

Rockwell NAA Sabreliner 75 Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Equally, younger guests will be presented with a surface for colouring, games or iPad entertainment. The longer fuselage incorporated into the jet’s design allows cabin space to increase in comparison with previous models. Paired with this, a refreshment centre sits on board allowing your party to benefit from hot and cold drinks as well as food as and when is required.

Inside The NAA Sabreliner 75

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Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

The jet itself can soar through the sky, taking you to destinations further afield in less time. With speeds of up to 435 kts and the ability to reach a maximum altitude of 45,000 ft, all you have to do is sit back and relax as you glide through the clouds. This also minimises the impact of turbulence and ensures a comfortable journey for everyone. No matter what the purpose for your journey may be, this purpose-built jet provides the type of surrounding environment you’d expect.

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Here at Starr Luxury Jets, we operate a large fleet of private jets for hire. Allowing you to see the world, with family or as part of your business strategy, chartering a private jet is the ideal way to travel in the ultimate comfort. By taking control of the surroundings you’ll be in for this period of time, you also ensure that a level of hospitality is upkept at all times while also reducing journey times in many instances. Take important clients away on the trip of a lifetime. Make that romantic break even more memorable. Or, simply ensure that the next time you take to the skies, it’s done so in an environment entirely your own. If you’re ready to charter the NAA Sabreliner 75 private jet, our online quote service is available on the Starr Luxury Jets website. For bespoke journey requirements or specific requests, our experienced team is on hand to help at all times. Discover all that private jet hire has to offer and benefit from our unrivalled dedication to customer service.