highly cost-effective option for large groups
Ilyushin IL-96

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Ilyushin IL-96 Jet Specifications

Seats 262
Speed 540 mph
Range 5400 miles
Cabin Length 44.4 m
Cabin Height 2.86 m
Cabin Width 5.7 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The Ilyushin IL-96 is a large airliner with huge capacity, which is perfectly matched with long range and impressive capability, becoming a highly cost-effective option for large groups. Though the IL-96 is available is several variants, it can usually seat up to 262 passengers for a comfortable and efficient flight, making it one of the best private jets for corporate hire, professional sporting events or industry affairs. An incredible range of 6195 nautical miles allows private jet travellers to cover a vast area of the globe, flying from London to Hong Kong or New York to Dubai in a single trip.

Typically, the Ilyushin IL-96 features traditional airline seating, spread across two class settings. Approximately 244 passengers can enjoy standard class, with rows of nine split into three seat configurations and a seat pitch of 81cm. Up front, a further 18 passengers can enjoy the first-class setting with seats grouped in pairs and a much wider seat pitch of up to 140cm. With many different variants of this large airliner produced, should you require something different in terms of layout, our expert crew are on hand to discuss and will match you with the perfect aircraft.

A clean, simple layout allows passengers to relax as they cruise over land and sea. There are several TV-screens around the interior of the cabin, which can be set up to show a film or TV programme or give live map updates of the journey. Once comfortable and settled, your flight crew will have access to a fully equipped galley area, where both hot and cold food and beverages can be prepared to ensure you are kept comfortable throughout your flight. As such a large private airliner with huge occupancy, there are several private restrooms located at the front and rear of the plane for additional comfort.

Comfort & Size

Compared to its predecessors, the IL-96 features an array of updates including advanced navigation systems and a new wing design. Its capability, space and reliability make it a popular private jet, with a handful of bespoke versions even making up the Russian government’s fleet. The Ilyushin IL-96 is usually in a two-deck format with the top deck configured for passenger seating and the lower deck providing a vast amount of storage space, alongside areas for the crew. Should you need accessible storage, each row of seats features overhead luggage facilities, the perfect space for personal devices and essential items.

Additional Information

The Ilyushin IL-96 is one of the best private jets to transfer large groups of passengers on long-haul flights. To charter an Ilyushin IL-96 you can make use of our online booking form which gives you the opportunity to provide our team with the details of your trip, alongside any special requirements or requests. Our team will then utilise our worldwide network of flight operators, sourcing the ideal aircraft and creating a bespoke flight schedule which caters to your needs. Should you wish to discuss anything further before choosing to book a private jet, we are always on hand to help, ensuring our clients receive an outstanding service from start to finish.

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