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Starr Luxury Jets proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service with every IAI 1125 Astra Private Jet Hire

IAI 1125 Astra Specifications

Seats 8
Speed 535 mph
Range 3390 miles
Cabin Length 5.2 m
Cabin Height 1.67 m
Cabin Width 1.45 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

A sleek, sophisticated, and polished interior design meets exceptional range capabilities and performance for an impressive flight via private jet hire. The IAI 1125 Astra boasts a spacious cabin which can comfortably carry seven passengers on a mid-length flight in between thousands of airports around the world. Having received multiple improvements in its engineering and build when compared to its predecessors, this luxury mid-sized private jet has an impressive range of over 2100 miles and also benefits from an improved top speed of approximately 535mph, getting you to your destination quickly, without ever having to compromise on comfort.

Having made your way through the streamlined security process and check-in procedure, step onboard the IAI 1125 Astra and you will be welcomed with luxe furnishings, complimenting colours, and optimal space. Six windows line each side of the cabin, submerging you in natural light whilst window blinds can be used should you desire a softer and more subdued environment. The seven passengers of your party can spread between individual seats placed in a club four seating configuration, a cosy double divan or a final individual seat, offering you the chance to fully recline and unwind alone or socialise amongst the group.

IAI 1125 Astra Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Both corporate and private clients can benefit from an unbeatable level of privacy, allowing you to discuss business or personal matters with complete confidentiality. The versatile space lends well to both, with discreetly built in folding tables offering a space to work or relax, or you may choose to leave these folded away for optimal leg space, the choice and overall atmosphere of the IAI 1125 Astra can be completely configured to suit your needs. Sink into the luxury leather and utilise adjusting arm rests for sheer comfort, whilst the surroundings and finishing touches consist of textured carpet and wooden veneer panelling and trim.

Inside the IAI 1125 Astra

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Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Alongside a beautiful and clean space where you can remain sumptuously comfortable, this aircraft has the added benefit of bountiful external and internal storage space, accommodating the belongings of you and your group. At the rear of the cabin sits a private lavatory whilst the front includes an area for both hot and cold food and drinks preparation. With full control of your flight schedule, you may enjoy a morning coffee and full breakfast or settle in for a three-course fine dining meal at supper, taking advantage of our bespoke catering service.

Charter a IAI 1125 Astra Private Jet

A supreme mode of transport for business and personal travel, the IAI 1125 Astra is a medium-sized private jet which boasts space, performance, and comfort. To charter the IAI 1125 Astra for your next luxury trip, you may use our quick and simple online booking form to secure a full quote for your approval. If you would like to receive further information on this or any of our private jets for hire, our dedicated flight team are available to discuss. With a worldwide network of flight operators and industry contacts, we strive to meet each demand of our clients, providing the best private jet hire services in the world.