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IAI 1124 Westwind Specifications

Seats 8
Speed 540 mph
Range 2330 miles
Cabin Length 6 m
Cabin Height 1.49 m
Cabin Width 1.46 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

A classic and elegant private space meets exceptional range capabilities in the IAI 1124 Westwind private jet, the perfect luxury travel option for corporate and personal clients. Comfortably seating up to seven passengers, the mid-sized aircraft is ideal for small groups looking to charter a private jet for a holiday or business transport. Featuring two electric turbojet engines, the IAI 1124 Westwind has a range of approximately 1800 miles and can reach a top speed of around 500 mph, providing you a quick and convenient mode of transport whilst ensuring you reach your destination in sumptuous comfort.

Once aboard this medium private jet, you will immediately find yourself able to fully relax in the privacy that only private jet chartering can offer. A clean and timeless interior design creates a serene space with passengers benefitting from fine quality leather upholstery and adjustable individual seats with ample head and leg room. Recline and unwind in your own space as you soar over lands and see or utilise the double divan seating to interact with fellow guests. The versatile and spacious cabin lends itself to both personal and corporate trips, with the seating configuration providing the ideal place to work or relax.

IAI 1124 Westwind Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

A heated and pressurised cabin allows for maximum comfort with the temperature fully adjustable to create the ideal atmosphere. And aesthetics and practicality have been perfectly blended with beautiful folding tables discreetly built in, allowing you to work or enjoy a meal. Individual arm rests provide further comfort whilst the deluxe interior surroundings include wooden veneer panelling, opulent finishing and soft high-quality carpet, for a tranquil environment. Whether you plan to spend your journey in solitude or socialising with your group, a simple yet luxurious interior provides everything you need to have the best luxury private jet hire experience.

Inside the IAI 1124 Westwind

IAI 1123 COMMODORE Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

External and internal baggage storage is at a premium, with sufficient room for the belongings of you and your guests. Easy access and quick unloading times help to make your journey more convenient, reducing waiting times at both your departure and arrival airports. As well as a private lavatory, the IAI 1124 Westwind includes a designated area for your personal flight crew to prepare and serve hot and cold food and drinks. Make the most of a mid-length flight with fine dining options for you and your guests or keep your corporate team refreshed en route to your destination.

Charter a IAI 1124 Westwind Private Jet

The IAI 1124 Westwind is available to charter from thousands of airports across the globe, providing private jet hire travellers with a luxury mode of transport for mid-range journeys. To hire an IAI 1124 Westwind for your personal or corporate trip you may make use of our simple online booking form, allowing us to send you a full quote based on your requirements. If you wish to find out more about this or any of our other medium private jets for hire, our expert team are available to discuss. We will gladly deal with any request, utilising our worldwide network of flight operators to ensure that you experience a five-star journey.