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Cessna Citation Latitude

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Cessna Citation Latitude Specifications

Seats 8
Speed 513 mph
Range 3280 miles
Cabin Length 6.4 m
Cabin Height 1.81 m
Cabin Width 1.82 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Known as the best-selling mid-size business jet on the market, the Cessna Citation Latitude offers exceptional comfort. Designed to fly both long and short-haul, this luxury jet provides you and your passengers with an environment to remember. It needn’t matter what the purpose of your journey is. Business fliers will appreciate the customisable interior and features that support on-the-go working. Equally, those travelling for leisure will benefit from a premium environment that sets the tone for the trip ahead. Either way, travelling on a Citation Latitude promises to transform a mundane journey into one you’ll remember for a long time.

The Citation Latitude has been designed to put the comfort and enjoyment of its passengers first. A low cabin altitude ensures you stay refreshed at all times. In line with this, the jet’s ability to sour up to 2,700nm accommodates long-haul flights without the need for stopovers. With seats for up to 7 passengers, you’ll feel nestled in a bubble of luxury at all times throughout your journey. The fully-enclosed lavatory provides privacy to every guest with enough space available, should you need to change into more appropriate clothing throughout the journey. Overall, the entire cabin design has been tailored to suit the needs of your party and ensure that comfort and elegance are prioritised.

Cessna Citation Latitude Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

One of the main benefits of this model is the spacious cabin. With a flat-floor design, this 6-foot stand-up cabin promises to accommodate even the tallest of guests. Reclining leather chairs have an ergonomic silhouette with adjustable headrests to optimise on comfort. Additional leg rooms means that, whether you’re focusing on important emails before that big board meeting or simply relaxing with loved ones as you travel, you can do so without discomfort. Fold-down tables and adjustable air conditioning mean you can recreate the ideal workspace.

Inside The Cessna Citation Latitude

Cessna Citation XLS Private Jet Hire

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

And one key added bonus for all travellers is the ability to manage cabin comfort through an on-board iPad app, meaning you can make adjustments with the tap of a button. Inmarsat’s Swift Broadband provides Satellite-based Wi-fi throughout so you can stay in contact with colleagues or loved ones. This also improves the quality of your in-flight entertainment, with iPads available onboard loaded with an entire library of content. All of this combined with ample storage space means you can pack away bulky bags or specialist items, such as skiing equipment, in a safe and secure location.

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