more cabin volume than its predecessors
Bombardier LearJet 55

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Bombardier Learjet 55 Specifications

Seats 7
Speed 527 mph
Range 2580 miles
Cabin Length 5.05 m
Cabin Height 1.7 m
Cabin Width 1.75 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Favoured by corporate clients, the Bombardier LearJet 55 features phenomenally successful elements carefully selected from its predecessors, combined, and improved to create a luxuriously relaxing space. With an impressive range of approximately 2000 miles, corporate and personal clients looking for medium private jet hire can complete mid-range journeys in sheer comfort. The Bombardier LearJet 55 is available for hire for up to seven passengers, whom can enjoy the privacy and service that only medium private jet hire can provide, travelling from thousands of destinations across the world quickly and conveniently, at a time which suits your party and schedule.

The business hire jet features a wide body with stand-up cabin, allowing for comfort without restriction. Four large windows are embedded on each side, flooding the interior with natural light, and providing the perfect opportunity to take in beautiful views as you cruise across the land and seas below. Featuring a private lavatory at one end, the other includes a space for hot and cold drinks preparation, which allows your private flight crew to ensure you and your guests stay refreshed throughout your journey. Whether you favour a fresh coffee first thing in the morning or your evening flight calls for champagne, a fully stocked minibar allows your crew to cater to your needs.

Bombardier Learjet 55 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Wide seats are adorned in luxury leathers and accompanied by high quality fold-out tables, offering the ideal space to work or relax as you travel. Rather than focussing on seating quantity, the extra space of the Bombardier LearJet 55 has been carefully utilised to ensure that private jet passengers benefit from maximum personal space whilst seated, with impressive levels of head and leg room. Every area is complimented by a timeless design, featuring wooden veneer panelling and sumptuously soft carpet. External and internal storage is at a premium, providing ample space for the personal effects of you and your party.

Inside The Bombardier Learjet 55

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Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Alongside the five individual seats which feature in the main part of the cabin, a double-seater divan provides an extra space for passengers to relax or socialise, en route to your destination. On top of its impressive range, this medium private jet is capable of an incredible speed of up to 480 mph, allowing you to complete your journey as quickly as possible. It can climb quickly and retain a high cruise speed throughout the flight, ensuring that busy schedules can be comfortably met.

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The spacious and inviting Bombardier LearJet 55 is an excellent medium private jet to charter in the UK or across the world. To book a Bombardier LearJet 55, you may request a quote via our easy online form and create a bespoke flight schedule which fits in with your calendar of events. Alternatively, if you would like further details on this or any other medium private jets for hire, our elite team are available to discuss your requirements. With a global network of flight operators and industry contacts we strive to meet every request, providing first-class service and the most luxurious mode of transport in the world.