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Boeing 737-300

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Starr Luxury Jets proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service with every Boeing 737-300 Jet Hire

Boeing 737-300 Jet Specifications

Seats 149
Speed 565 mph
Range 2645 miles
Cabin Length 24.1 m
Cabin Height 2.14 m
Cabin Width 3.5 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

Known as being one of the most ordered and produced commercial jets of all time, the Boeing 737-300 is available to rent here at Starr Luxury Jets. It provides a luxurious and comfortable environment for every single passenger, offering the space akin to commercial flights with the added benefits of customisable features. This allows you to deliver large groups to their end destination while providing an experience that outranks others. For business or leisure use, this aircraft ensures you have the means to redefine the beauty of air travel.

It is a short-to-medium range airliner, recognised for its narrow body. Even with this slimming in design, the 737-300 can still accommodate up to 149 passengers in a single-aisle configuration. Inside, the focus is on providing a comfortable environment for everyone on board with practicalities included as standard. The plush padded seats support your body during flight and offer a supportive place to pass away the hours in the air. Overhead, storage space for essential bags allows you to keep items such as your passport, laptop and refreshments close to hand. This is accompanied by 640 cubic ft of additional luggage capacity. With this, passengers can easily travel with larger suitcases and with the luxury of taking on board a few luxuries at the same time.

Fold-down tables on the headrests provide areas for working, eating or entertainment and windows along each aisle mean natural light is available in abundance. There are separate washrooms onboard and a fully equipped galley for the convenience of every traveller. Serve hot and cold food along with refreshing drinks to see them through flights of all lengths. At all times, the cabin design in the 737-300 focuses on the enjoyment and optimal experience of every single passenger.

Comfort & Size

The airliner is powered by two CFM56 engines, allowing it to reach a top range of 2,645. It cruises at 430 knots and uses both of these features to help deliver passengers to their end destination in less time. Added technology allows it to continuously offer exceptional flight capabilities, even when faced with turbulence and other adverse weather conditions. It also offers exceptional cargo and fuel capacity to further improve convenience for you and your travelling party. Travel to Europe and further afield with an aircraft that has been trusted by pilots for many years and continues to be a firm favourite.

Inside The Boeing 737-300

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Here at Starr Luxury Jets, we strive to offer an exceptional private jet hire service to every single client. Combining an extensive fleet with competitive pricing, we give you the tools to eliminate the issues commonly faced by travellers in commercial settings. Design bespoke flight paths, take advantage of shorter queues and create a flying environment that supports the needs of everyone in your party. If you are ready to hire a Boeing 737-300 today, our online quotation service can be found on our website. Additionally, we have a team of experienced professionals on hand to answer questions and support your bespoke travel requirements.

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If you are considering hiring an Boeing 737-300 private jet for your next journey, we have an online quotation system available on the Starr Luxury Jets website. Additionally, our professional team is on hand to help with all enquiries. From bespoke travel itineraries, custom flight paths or specific requirements for the comfort of your party, we can help you transform the next flight in your calendar into something you won’t forget. Contact the team here today for more information.