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Boeing 727-700

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Starr Luxury Jets proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service with every Boeing 727-700 Jet Hire

Boeing 727-700 Jet Specifications

Seats 189
Speed 567 mph
Range 5625 miles
Cabin Length 38.3 m
Cabin Height 3.23 m
Cabin Width 3.5 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

For business-grade flying that bypasses anything you’ve experienced before, the Boeing 727-700 offers everything you’ve been looking for. It is available to hire here at Starr Luxury Jets and ensures that every single passenger on your flying list will have a flight like no other. It has been manufactured by the world-renowned American name and therefore benefits from years of design knowledge, advanced technology and interior aesthetics that promise to delight. Find a way of flying internationally that highlights just why private travel is the only way to go.

This three-engine commercial airliner has the interior space to accommodate up to 189 passengers. If used to this capacity, each traveller will be afforded a plush, padded seat with adjustable features and the option of screens on the headrest. Fold-down tables allow them to check emails or simply enjoy snacks in comfort while windows throughout let natural light flood in. You also have the option to customise the interior space, reducing customer numbers and affording each passenger with more additional space. Or, if required, there are options to add in dedicated rooms and spaces such as offices, dining areas and relaxation zones. With a total interior height of 3.23m and interior width of 2.13m, you’ll have the space needed to decide which configuration best meets your needs.

Onboard, you’ll also find separate bathrooms and a fully equipped galley kitchen. With this, you can serve both hot and cold foods, from snacks through to full 3-course meals. And, keeping all of your passengers comfortable is easy with fresh drinks, alcohol or even hot coffees to perk them up on early mornings. The sleek and comfortable interior style only highlights the luxury of being able to choose who you fly with and where you land. And this gives you the freedom to discover the true perks of private flight on your own terms.

Comfort & Size

As a stretched-out version of the 727-200, this model has an extra 20 feet of length in its design. Cruising speeds of 467kts and the capability to travel up 2370nm means you’ll have more freedom when it comes to choosing the countries and airports that you visit. For business clients, this expands the scope for commercial expansion. And, for leisure travellers, no longer will you need to restrict the possibilities of your travel. Either way, you’ll be given the opportunity to soar through the skies, past adverse weather conditions and landing at the end destination with incomparable ease.

Inside The Boeing 727-700

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

Starr Luxury Jets provides private jet hire to clients from all over the world. Giving you the ability to reduce queuing times, shorten flights and experience a luxury only known in this field of travel, you’ll fall back in love with air movements once again. If you are ready to charter a Boeing 727-700, you will find our online quotation service available on the website today. We also have an experienced and professional team on hand who are available to help craft bespoke flying itineraries, shorter routes and to answer any questions you may have.

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If you are considering hiring an Boeing 727-700 private jet for your next journey, we have an online quotation system available on the Starr Luxury Jets website. Additionally, our professional team is on hand to help with all enquiries. From bespoke travel itineraries, custom flight paths or specific requirements for the comfort of your party, we can help you transform the next flight in your calendar into something you won’t forget. Contact the team here today for more information.