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HAWKER 700/750

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BAe Hawker 700/750 Specifications

Seats 8
Speed 501 mph
Range 2490 miles
Cabin Length 6.5 m
Cabin Height 1.75 m
Cabin Width 1.83 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

At 21 feet long and six feet wide, the BAe Hawker 700 and 750 are incredibly competitive medium range private jets when it comes to passenger comfort and space. British built and part of the longest running corporate jet program of all time, this medium private jet offers a fast and reliable journey which is ideal for both business travellers and personal clients. The BAe Hawker 700 and 750 can comfortably seat up to eight passengers, whilst improved range and speed allows private jet travellers to fly as far as from London to the outskirts of Europe quickly and efficiently, be it for business meetings and events or family breaks.

Having been through a streamlined security process exclusively for private jet travellers, step on board the BAe Hawker 700 or 750 and you will instantly experience a feeling of tranquillity. The interior is classically stylish and minimal, with the cabin flooded with bright natural light. It features a club two seating configuration, with each pair sharing a sleek folding table, giving you the opportunity to work or relax as you please. Clean and modern styling allows for the ideal space to create the perfect atmosphere for your journey.

Bae Hawker 700 / 750 Private Jet Hire

Comfort & Size

Each luxury leather chair fully reclines and swivels, so you may choose to spend the journey in a world of your own enjoying a book or hosting a meeting with your corporate team, with the added benefit of full privacy and discretion. Or relax on a luxurious leather divan as your journey progresses and find yourself immersed in opulence, with soft carpet and stylish wooden panelling completing the cabin. Every element has been immaculately designed and crafted to ensure that you have the most relaxing flight possible.

Inside The BAe Hawker 700/750 Cabin

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

The BAe Hawker 700 or 750 makes brilliant use of its added space, offering room for baggage both within the cabin and through a separate luggage hold, both saving vast amounts of waiting time upon arrival at your destination. It also features a private lavatory and a separate area for hot and cold food and beverages to be prepared by your dedicated flight crew. Your flight schedule is tailor-made to suit you so you may choose to enjoy a fresh morning coffee with continental breakfast or indulge in a three-course meal if later in the day. We can offer bespoke catering facilities so that you can ensure any guest’s dietary needs are fulfilled, also allowing you to enjoy fine dining whilst in the air.

Charter a BAe Hawker 700/750 Private Jet

An excellent choice for both business and personal travellers, you can now use our easy online booking service to gain a quote for the BAe Hawker 700 or 750. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss this medium private jet model or any other aircraft further, our highly experienced team are on hand. We will be glad to deal with specific requests or requirements and can utilise our worldwide network of flight operators and industry contacts to guarantee that you always have the best private jet hire experience possible.