perfect for serving long-haul operations
Airbus A340-300

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Airbus A340-300 Jet Specifications

Seats 290
Speed 556 mph
Range 7400 miles
Cabin Length 50.35 m
Cabin Height 2.54 m
Cabin Width 5.28 m

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the Globe

The Airbus A340-300 is a highly popular large airliner with four engines, perfect for serving long-haul operations. An unbeatable blend of performance, reliability and comfort ensures your party has a luxury travel experience whilst making transcontinental flights in complete privacy. Seating between 250 to 290 passengers, it can also work out to be a cost-effective private jet for large groups, reducing the cost per passenger and ideal for both corporate and personal flights. An impressive top range of 7400 nautical miles allows for global private travel, including direct journeys from Hong Kong to London and Florida to Dubai.

As with all Airbus models, the A340-300 is available in a range of different layouts, with configurations to suit every journey. At maximum capacity, the large airliner can seat up to 440 although the most popular model features a three-class design to accommodate nearly 300 passengers. One commonality between the different variations is the comfort and quietness of the cabin, achieved by the use of its four engines. Passengers can experience a smooth, relaxing private flight with little interruption, allowing you to work or unwind en route.

The wide twin-aisle body allows for ample personal space, with wider seating for added comfort. In first-class seating, this is amplified with luxurious leather seats, usually joined in pairs and an unbeatable amount of leg, head and shoulder room. Aircraft can be sourced with inbuilt entertainment systems, which can feature either in the headrest of every seat or from the ceiling, ensuring guests of every age are kept amused even on the longest of trips. The range of interiors also gives you the freedom to specify which model would best suit your group in terms of galley space, lavatories and onboard storage, choosing an aircraft and flight schedule which perfectly accommodates you and your guests.

Comfort & Size

With fully equipped galleys and private restrooms to accommodate the large number of passengers, you and your party can enjoy hot and cold food and beverages, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. Advanced engineering allows the Airbus A340-300 to fly in hot and high conditions, reaching airports where some other large airliners cannot, such as McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and O. R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. A huge luggage capacity of 5720 cubic feet allows each passenger to travel with luggage, whilst flying privately has the added benefit of virtually limitless allowances and the Airbus A340-300 is able to carry sports equipment as well as bulky items.

Inside The Airbus A340-300

Please note: images are for illustration purposes, interior finish and seating configuration may vary.

Additional Information

The Airbus A340-300 is an excellent private jet to hire for a large group, offering the perfect blend of capacity, comfort, and capability. To charter an Airbus A340-300, you may use our simple online booking form, detailing your flight requirements. Our expert team will then use your information to source the perfect aircraft, creating a tailormade flight schedule which works around your needs and preferences. With an excellent reputation for client service, our team are on hand to help before and during your trip, allowing you to simple arrive at the airport and fly in complete luxury.

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